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September Brings New Clover Brewed Small Batch Coffees

Summer continues strong and as autumn is held at bay - for now - we are excited to bring you a new Clover Brewed coffee lineup to satisfy your seasonal transition.  These coffees can be purchased by the cup and are available in whole bean at our Clover stores in Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and Miami.

Guatemala Antigua Medina, a favorite from last year, is finely balanced with soft flavor notes of dark cocoa and cherry.  I enjoy the silky-smooth mouthfeel of this coffee and the cocoa-powder texture that lingers in the finish. 
Kenya AB Auction Lot is a special offering joining the Clover lineup, combining coffees from central Kenyan.  Tangy grapefruit zest highlight layers of black currant and plum.  Kenya AB Auction Lot is a delicious iced coffee option revealing it refreshing citrus tanginess and fruit intensity in the cup. 
Aged Sumatra returns to the Clover Brewed menu.  This coffee is intense with its cedar-spice and earthy flavors and big, syrupy body.  The unique spicy complexity of Aged Sumatra is achieved by storing green coffee for three to five years. 
Anniversary Blend, a Starbucks tradition since 1996, is another Clover Brewed choice.  This blend combines washed, semi-washed and aged coffees from the Asia/Pacific region.  It is full-bodied and smooth with herbal and earthy flavors and a touch of spice.

As the summer heat fades giving way to changing leaves and shorter days, come by and enjoy a cup of Clover Brewed coffee.

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