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Sarah at Starbucks

It wasn’t easy. Somehow I had managed to keep the performance a secret for about three weeks. And then finally, as I wrote on Facebook, “I still can’t believe it, but I’m front row at Starbucks Corp Office eagerly awaiting the arrival of the lovely Sarah McLachlan.”

Someone whispered, “She’s here!” and soon enough, Sarah was moving through the lively, cheering room, sitting down at the piano and greeting us with her fantastic song “Loving You Is Easy” from her new album Laws of Illusion.

For me, this song is a familiar one, reminding me of some of her earlier works –and from the crowd response, they were thinking the same thing. She continued with another song from the new album, “Forgiveness.” While not as cheerful, it was still as captivating, and true to those haunting vocal tones we know well.

Before the next song, the production team paused for a few questions with her, and she divulged (when asked what her favorite Starbucks drink – by the way, it’s a double or triple espresso straight up!) that she was suffering from a throat issue. But despite that, I think all of us could agree that she was still hitting those high notes!

Next up: the classic piano ballad “Adia,” which resonated well with the crowd. Followed by one last pause where she happily accepted a request from a Twitter follower watching the live Ustream feed (40,000 people tuned in!) to perform what was clearly the crowd favorite “Angel,” the last song of the set.

Sad that the performance was over, I lingered around the set (along with several other fans) hoping to snag an autograph. With help from our music director, I managed to actually meet and get a photo with Sarah! What an amazing experience!

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