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Real-Time Starbucks Updates in Times Square

New Starbucks Times Square Store

Times Square has been long deserving of a Starbucks that blends in with the bright lights, non-stop activity and unique buzz of the neighborhood. We’re really excited to announce that last month we opened a new store at the corner of 47th and Broadway. It is designed to look and feel like one of the nearby Broadway Theaters.

Starbucks Digital Screens

We also had an opportunity to install some one-of-a-kind digital screens outside. When you’re walking past the store, you will see a giant screen that highlights what people are posting about Starbucks on Facebook and Twitter and the photos you share on Instagram. We want to display the real-time conversation about Starbucks. Our designers came up with a really beautiful way to show the photos and Tweets.

We want you to have a keepsake when you leave the store, so we placed a photo booth in the store as well. After your photo is taken, we’ll email it to you or you can scan a QR code and save it to your phone immediately.

Next time you’re in the Big Apple, stop by!

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