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Practice, Made Perfect

It’s 5:24 am on a Tuesday morning and I need my coffee. I need my Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew.

As I stumble downstairs to the kitchen, the first thing I do is prepare myself a cup of what I think is the best thing on earth. On early mornings like this, my body craves that great taste of coffee, that awesome aroma, that warmth – minus all that caffeine. I don’t need that extra kick since I know I’ll be diving into a cold pool in a few minutes as I log in a few thousand yards of swim practice with my friends. Truly that is enough to wake me up anyway!

And the best part is it stays warm in my tumbler until hours after I get out of the pool. A sip of it is my little reward for a job well done. As my coffee pot collects dust at home, I get to enjoy rich, bold and easy Starbucks VIA® Decaf Italian Roast each and every day. It’s roasted a bit sweet, so it pairs well with my much-needed chocolate caramel protein bar after my hard workout. And for someone like me who is always on the go, but still wants that same great taste without all the caffeine, this is just perfect in everyway.

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