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Pike Place™ Roast – Three Years Later

The unveiling of Pike Place™ Roast was done in spring 2008. Since that time, it has become one of the best-selling whole bean coffees we offer. I remember the introduction of Pike Place™ Roast like it was yesterday. There was a big celebration when we introduced a new coffee that would be brewed everyday, all day. Before then, Starbucks rotated coffees through our brewed lineup, sometimes switching them weekly, sometimes daily. This was great for some people, but most were telling us to offer a consistent brew that they could count on when they came into our stores.

So our coffee quality team was approached with a task – a really big task. They were asked to create a coffee that was smoother than any other we offered, one that would be approachable yet have the signature Starbucks Roast, one that would be great black or with cream and sugar.

The team spent months experimenting with different origins and roasts looking for the perfect coffee. Our tasting room was abuzz with the excitement and anticipation of find the “one.”

And the winner is … Pike Place™ Roast. It features a soft acidity, smooth body and subtle flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts.

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