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Perfect Your Starbucks VIA® Flavored Coffee Experience

If you’re like me then you love to enjoy a sweet treat with your daily cup of coffee. So when I heard about the four new Starbucks VIA® Flavored Coffees, I took on the heavy burden of finding the most delectable food pairings to make my experience (and yours!) truly perfect. It really is a tough job some days but someone has to do it.

Starbucks VIA® Vanilla Flavored Coffee’s new bff is definitely the Petite Vanilla Bean Scone. These best pals can be found hanging out together because of their mutual love for only the best natural vanilla flavor. You’ll see the flecks of real vanilla bean in the yummy scone, which really amps up the flavor of the coffee to create dreamy vanilla nirvana.

Starbucks VIA® Mocha Flavored Coffee and the Double Fudge Mini Doughnut make this pairing a triple threat! It reminded me of a chocolate dream come true to life. I mean, seriously – the flavor of chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate? It doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

Starbucks VIA® Caramel Flavored Coffee paired with a Double Chocolate Brownie taste like those yummy turtle candies minus the nuts on top. The sweet, smooth caramel flavors swirl with the chocolaty goodness to create a hard-to-resist pairing.

Finally, Starbucks VIA® Cinnamon Spice Flavored Coffee and a slice of Pumpkin Bread are like the unexpected odd couple who end up getting married. They totally make it work but you just never thought of putting them together. The sweet cinnamon and pumpkin spice flavors make a surprisingly spectacular match!

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