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Peggy Lee’s Still Got It!

Our Peggy Lee Opus Collection, Come Rain or Come Shine, debuted on the Billboard 200 at No. 51.

But that’s hardly the first time for the late, great song stylist. Over the course of a recording career that stretched from the ‘40s well into the ‘90s., Lee graced Billboard’s album chart 16 times prior to this latest triumph.

She’d been away for awhile, however. The last time a Peggy Lee album charted, the real powerhouses on the scene included the Carpenters, the Jackson 5 and Grand Funk Railroad. Richard Nixon was not quite halfway through his first term in the Oval Office. The dominant television shows were Marcus Welby, M.D., The Flip Wilson Show and Here’s Lucy. A gallon of gas cost around 40 cents and the average house ran you $25,000.

It was December 1970 and Peggy Lee’s Make It with You was No. 194. There’s something very sweet about seeing that name back there after a 40-year absence.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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