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Organic Shade Grown Mexico

Organic Shade Grown Mexico holds a special place in my heart! As a store manager, I believe that every coffee we sell at Starbucks is the best that particular region has to offer, and I know that many of you truly appreciate the quality and the flavor.

This coffee – with its crisp first impression, uniquely subtle nuttiness, and bright, clean finish – is approachable and interesting to the average coffee drinker and the seasoned connoisseur alike. But there is more to this coffee than its extraordinary flavor.

Organic Shade Grown Mexico represents our commitment to environmental responsibility. Planted beneath the canopy of the lush cloud forest surrounding El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas, Mexico, this unique coffee comes to life as a part of an ecosystem.

As this environmental setting matches the conditions under which coffee evolved, the trees thrive! Protected from intense sun and rooted in rich soil, the coffee trees share this precious piece of land with some of the world’s rarest birds and other animals. While this approach is not as “productive” as traditional farming methods, the cooling shade and diverse inhabitants create a fertile, moist and pest-free environment, reducing the need for supplemental water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

I am proud to offer such an exceptional coffee and share its story with the people I meet in my store every day.

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