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My Starbucks Idea’s 100,000th Idea

Thank you everyone for sharing ideas at  This week we received our 100,000th idea – Introduce a Healthy Cookie posted by cecileatcecile.  In celebration of this milestone, we’re sending cecileatcecile a Starbucks Card loaded with $100.  We continue to look to you for inspiration and ways to make Starbucks a better experience for you.

What do you think of this idea?  MSI is a place to share ideas and build on other’s ideas.  We encourage you to look at the root of the idea.  Would you like to see a healthy cookie at Starbucks?  What do you think makes a cookie healthy?  Join the discussion. 

Keep the ideas coming, we’re listening!

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    • mexicafeina
    • 11/10/2010 7:52 AM

    great variety of ideas and comments; this encourages more people to participate and help evolve some of this concepts.

    • denw304
    • 11/10/2010 2:13 PM

    I really like the new Starbucks Digital Network homepage ~ nicely done!

    • 29sillygirl
    • 11/11/2010 8:48 AM

    Look forward to my (now) daily trip to local Starbucks. Have a group of friends which varies by the day. When outside in cooler Florida weather, feel a California vib, or possibly Italy:). Only thing I wish is that there were more ...ummm toilets. Have had to leave on several occasions, either because one was being fixed or there was a line.

    • TonyMastro
    • 11/11/2010 12:35 PM

    I have two suggestions: 1. I suggest you have lactose-free milk available so the multitude of us with a laqctose intolerence can enjoy a latte or cappuccino. I think that sales for these drinks will increase significantly. 2. I suggest you offer a discount for those that visit a Starbucks a 2nd time in the same day, as you do in some of your promotions. Why not everyday for your daily repeats.

    • admin admin
    • 11/11/2010 4:51 PM

    acolyer104, we’ve deleted comments that include email addresses and other contact information to protect your privacy.

    • tsfuller64
    • 11/12/2010 5:20 PM

    I tried to sign up for the new "PerksSpot" card, I was wondering why do they need my my password to my e-mail account? I do not feel comfortable giving that out to anyone.

    • stearnswr
    • 11/13/2010 9:08 AM

    One of my fond memories is sitting on a plaza or patio enjoing an espresso, served with a twist of a lemon peel. (It is even great with brewed and french press coffee) . Why can't Starbucks offer this delightful addition. Also, bring back the almond syrup

    • Junior298
    • 11/14/2010 1:07 AM

    Congratulations ‘cecileatcecile’. This is a great idea. I definitely would like to see a healthy cookie at ’Starbucks’ sometime soon.

    • admin admin
    • 11/16/2010 9:19 AM

    @TonyMastro - your idea is in the works. Starting this Thursday, we are bringing back a special beverage offer in the afternoon - bring a friend and get two holiday beverages for the price of one between 2 and 5 pm 11/18 - 11/21.

    • marielavila
    • 11/16/2010 6:56 PM

    I´m sure the healthy cookie is a great, great idea; you have the soy beverages ...the healthy cookie was missing!

    • juliskam
    • 11/17/2010 6:05 PM

    You've all heard of veggieburgers. Wouldn't a tall cool glass of a veggie-frappuccino drink or a citrus-frappuccino drink be the absolute healthiest one to savor while recuperating or just strolling along occasionally instead of plain water?

    • theyac3
    • 11/18/2010 6:44 AM

    With the growing popularity of MySears and their attempt at a social network, why doesn't Starbucks start that for their Rewards members. What better company and atmosphere for a social network than Starbucks?!

    • admin admin
    • 11/18/2010 11:07 AM

    @theyac3: Interesting idea! Sounds like a good idea to share

    • thspicer
    • 11/26/2010 11:59 AM

    Put hand sanitizer on or near the fixing station. Your customers would appreciate this gesture; especially during cold and flu season.

    • frances731
    • 11/30/2010 4:36 AM

    christmas season is around the corner about a season coffe (cinamon coffe,eggnog coffe,cafe de olla,calietitos spicy tee

    • admin admin
    • 12/1/2010 5:06 PM

    @smokeybayr - I removed your comment because it includes your email address. To answer your question - mobile payment is in the works and should be available at your neighborhood Starbucks soon. We'll keep you posted at

    • admin admin
    • 12/1/2010 5:08 PM

    @frances731 - have you tried Starbucks Via Cinnamon Spice? It may be the holiday flavor your looking for.

    • Olivareseva
    • 12/28/2010 11:19 PM

    I would like to found more products available like desserts for people with diabetes, I love to drink coffe at starbucks but some time I feel limited do to my health.

    • sanibreeze
    • 9/18/2013 8:37 AM

    Coffee scent Air Fresheners in rest rooms.Also can be used in other areas of store.

    • vipmano
    • 12/20/2013 9:04 AM

    I want Starbucks to open representative office in Georgia, I will send you email hear about 1 year ago, and you got an answer that does not give franchisees. However, Starbucks cafe opened a few months ago. I want to know is, whether it is your official representative in the cafe?

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