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My Favorite Coffee

Bella Vista F.W. Tres Rios Costa Rica™—or “CBV” as we call it around here—is my all-time favorite coffee and has been since the first time I tried it in 1995. I love bright and tangy coffees, but CBV goes beyond acidity and reveals a complex juicy finish that makes your mouth water and makes you crave the next sip even as you’re setting the mug back down on the coffee table (or desk, as I’m writing this).

My wife lives at the opposite end of the coffee spectrum. She prefers the deep, syrupy body of coffees from Sumatra and Sulawesi. So in our house, we’re often debating whether to spend our weekend mornings basking in the glow of coffees from Latin America or reclining in the shade of Indonesians. Thankfully, this month CBV is in season and at its peak of flavor. Who can argue with that?

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