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My Favorite Bold Coffee #7 – Gold Coast Blend®

What is Gold Coast Blend®? It is a bold coffee – yes, that is true. But it is more than that.

It is the place where I experienced the start of my career with Starbucks and a place I have grown to cherish. It is the great city of Chicago!

My best memories of Gold Coast Blend® take me back to my training time in the Gold Coast, one of Chicago’s most unique and exclusive neighborhoods. I spent so much time walking from coffeehouse to coffeehouse, experiencing the welcoming third place between our partners and customers.

We have some of the most beautiful and unique stores there, like the one at Oak and Rush. The neighborhood is an experience like no other. I even took my family the first weekend of my training to see the city and soak up the atmosphere.

I enjoy my Gold Coast Blend® brewed in a press. This coffee is an experience that expands the meaning of bold coffee. This complex blend combines Latin America and Asia/Pacific coffees with a touch of dark roast to create a unique combination of roasty sweet and herbal flavors. It has a big body and elegant mouthfeel like no other. The intense flavors of this coffee are especially warming on the first chilly day of fall.

In addition to cold weather, Gold Coast Blend® goes well with a variety of sweet and savory foods. Caramel, chocolate and maple match the roasty-sweet notes in the coffee. I like my cup with a Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon sandwich – it brings out the savory herbal notes in the coffee. But the best pairing for Gold Coast Blend® is the city of Chicago!

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