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My Favorite Bold Coffee #5 – Caffè Verona®

Caffè Verona®, as we now know it, was first developed as a restaurant coffee. It was served at a now-defunct Seattle restaurant, Jake O’Shaughnessy’s, where it was called Jake’s Blend.

The coffee was so popular (and tasty) that eventually, it became a standard coffee in our lineup and we named it Caffè Verona® – though sometimes it was also called 80/20 Blend because the original recipe was 80 percent Yukon Blend® and 20 percent Italian Roast.

When I was hired as a barista in 1990, this was one of the first coffees I came to love. Some years ago I wrote a poem about Caffè Verona® for an internal company publication. Below is an updated version of that poem that honors my long-standing appreciation of this bold coffee.

Love Letter to Caffé Verona®

Oh how I once loved thee – Caffé Verona®! I loved you, even when they called you 80/20 Blend. I marveled at your simplicity and genius – Yukon and Italian together. You have evolved over time, it’s true. I loved thee and will cherish our memories forever.

Oh how I still love thee – Caffé Verona®! I love your complexity and balance when I wake. I love your depth and sweetness as the eve draws near. You complement my favorite sweets. You are ageless, versatile and will stand the test of time.

Oh how I will love thee – Caffé Verona®! I will love you – as espresso, drip or press. I wish to keep you for myself, but I cannot. You are the coffee of love. Others must share in the romance you possess.

How will you love thy Caffé Verona®? Will you love it – as espresso, drip or press? Will you taste its complexity and savor its sweetness? You must share it with a friend. Please love it, as I do, for many years to come

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