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My Favorite Bold Coffee #2 – Italian Roast

Italian Roast is strong. It’s a big, flavorful mouthful of smoky sweetness that demonstrates the art of dark roasting. When you look at the beans, their shiny oils are fully on display. They seem to sweat aroma and flavor.

But the amazing part is how this blend of high altitude Latin American coffees stands up to the roast process while delivering a sweet, clean, medium-body experience.

The trick is having the right beans, ones that can take a darker roast, and the right roasting level, to impart the sweet smokiness. Our roast masters are the best at finding the balance between roast and flavor.

A few years ago I enjoyed many coffees in Bellagio, Italy, with Vespas whizzing by the outdoor cafes. While the setting was memorable, the coffee was not. The coffee was dark-roasted like our Italian Roast but not as sweet. Needless to say, I prefer our version of the recipe and roast profile.

I like to enjoy my Italian Roast brewed in a pour-over or coffee press for maximum flavor delivery. For me, Italian Roast is best after dinner as the last impression of a scrumptious meal. For those who prefer it this way, this coffee really stands up to added cream. The body of the cream compliments the dark roast sweetness of the coffee, and the two come together in a beautiful way.

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