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Mexico Chiapas - What’s Not to Love?

As a self-professed coffee enthusiast (okay, coffee geek), I’m looking for coffees that wow me. The perfect coffee has a great story – but let’s face it, it must taste great too!

The coffee “challenge” in my house is that I drink my coffee black and my wife drinks hers with cream and sugar. Though there are many coffees that work for both of us, it is rare when one coffee hits the jackpot – meaning we both love it prepared our way.

When our Mexico Chiapas came out last month, I brought it home to see how it would stack up. Being on the Starbucks coffee team, I’d already tried it and found it to be a spectacular offering, balancing subtle acidity with rich flavors of milk chocolate and hazelnuts.

The looming question was whether my wife would feel the same. Good news – it only took one sip. We have been enjoying it together every morning since.

But it’s not just the delicious flavor that makes this coffee great. It’s also a coffee with a story to tell. This coffee is grown by two farms – Santa Teresa and Guadalupe – in Chiapas, Mexico. The farms border the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, one of the most pristine and diverse natural areas in Mexico. The coffee grows under shade trees that help to protect the local wildlife.

In addition, Starbucks has had a long relationship with the Santa Teresa farm, helping them to improve the quality of their coffee over time. All of this adds up to a special coffee we are able to share with our customers.

This sounds like the perfect coffee story – but there’s a bittersweet ending. Unfortunately, Mexico Chiapas is only available for a limited time. But until it is gone, our mornings will be that much better!

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