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Making Progress

Spring is here, which means 2012 is moving right along. How are you doing against your New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t “officially” set any this year, but the ones I had in my mind I failed within the first month. And I think I know why. It’s partly because I didn’t write them down to visually remind myself about them every day, but it’s also because I didn’t share them with anyone else, so no one was holding me accountable.

That’s why I respect the bold goals that Starbucks set for itself back in 2008 and formally shared in our 2008 Global Responsibility report. Since then, we’ve been working to make the goals, S.M.A.R.T., to borrow Goerge T. Doran’s influential acronym – that is specific, measureable, actionable, realistic and timely. And we’ve been publicly reporting our progress against them each year. We’ve learned a lot along way. Like how difficult it is sometimes to track and measure something consistently across 55 countries. Or how to address all the different, and sometimes lack of, recycling options there are in all the cities in all those countries where we have stores.

But unlike my personal goals, I’m proud to say that Starbucks is making significant progress against many of our responsibility goals. Our 2011 Global Responsibility Report will be launching next week, but check out this sneak peak thanks to the business news and data outlet Bloomberg.

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