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Live from the 2010 Cup Summit

Starting Thursday, April 22 we’re convening our second cup summit. In order to reach our goal of ensuringthat 100% of our cups are reusable or recyclable by 2015, we’ve invited people from all over the industry to discuss potential solutions.

We’re including city recyclers, government leaders, raw material suppliers, NGOs, academic experts, cup manufacturers, and other retail and beverage businesses.

We want to have an open and honest discussion about the entire paper and plastic cup ecosystem. We believe waste from the paper cup can be considerably reduced if we all work together on this issue.

To encourage an open discussion among attendees, we’re keeping the meeting closed. However, we want to incorporate your questions and ideas in the dialogue. To do so, we’re hosting a live chat with Jim Hanna, our recycling expert at Starbucks, and Peter Senge, senior lecturer at MIT and founding chair of the Society for Organizational Learning.

To view a recording of Jim Hanna's live chat please click here.

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