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Let's Talk About Cups

Many of you have told us that you are concerned about the environment. We are too! Minimizing the impact on the environment from our packaging is a very important quest for us.

You may know that the hot beverage cups in our stores are made with 10% post consumer recycled material – the first such cups in the industry.

We’ve also made improvements to reduce the environmental impact of our plastic cold beverage cups. In 2008, we switched from PET plastic to polypropylene. Sound a little geeky? I’ll agree, but this move reduced the carbon footprint of our cold cups by 45%!

If you haven’t already heard of our big Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ goals, here are two big ones. We want to have a comprehensive recyclable cup solution by 2012. And we want all of our company-owned stores to implement front-of-store recycling by 2015.

This last one is tough, because not all communities will accept our cups for recycling today. So we can’t just throw a recycling bin in your local Starbucks store and tell you we’ve solved the problem.

We’ve got to work city by city to find (or sometimes create) a recycling infrastructure that’ll take our cups – and frankly everyone else’s cups – for recycling. We invite you to follow our progress.

If you want to join us, we need your help. Take the pledge to make the switch from paper cups to reusable travel mugs.

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    • 1times1
    • 12/1/2010 2:47 PM

    That's all great, but it would also be a really smart move to sell tea that's in biodegradable paper teabags. The Tazo tea bags are some kind of plastic mesh. A lot of pregnant women have to resort to drinking herbal tea when avoiding cafine and a plastic teabag steeping in hot water is the perfect way to leach chemicals into your beverage. pregnant or not, who wants that? Plus they dont biodegrade. Whats wrong with the time tested, simple, safe, cost effective, biodegradable paper t

    • mkendzi
    • 12/1/2010 4:18 PM

    It is so great that Starbucks is using more sustainable materials! Now imagine if Starbucks helped foster more sustainable behavior in the communities they serve. Asking customers if they would like their drink made "for here" in a ceramic mug will help customers reduce their paper cup use by making it convenient. I can't wait for the day when I approach the Starbucks till, make my order and then have the kind barista ask if I want my drink made for here!

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