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Leaves Are Falling, Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend Returns

Starbucks Thanksgiving BLend

I have a beautiful large maple tree in my front lawn. And when I say large, I mean gigantic! It was planted sometime in the 1930s and has grown to be over 25 feet in diameter. Every year about this time the leaves start to fall just when Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend hits the shelves.

Just like my maple tree, Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend is big and bold. The coffee was created to pair with sweet and savory foods enjoyed during the holiday. The blend of coffees from Sumatra and Guatemala’s Antigua region creates flavors of lemon, cedar, herb and cocoa. Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend is simply a great spicy full-bodied brew.

This year when the leaves started to blanket my driveway, I went down to my local Starbucks store to check out Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend. I was excited when I saw how beautiful the bag looked in the store – the colors reminded me of the tree that greets me on these crisp fall mornings. The shiny orange and brown bag plus the wonderful Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend aroma reminds us all that this is a special time of year.

This year my parents will be visiting me in Seattle for the first time during Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to sharing fresh cups of Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend and walking outside together to tell stories – under my maple tree, of course.

What stories will you share over Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend this year?

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    • madhurakeskar
    • 11/9/2011 3:20 PM

    I was waiting for this!

    • GurmoMe
    • 11/21/2011 8:52 AM

    And what sucks is that is in't being brewed anymore at my local SB :(

    Why oh why must Christmas Blend infiltrate Thanksgiving?!?!?!

      • markkhurst
      • 12/1/2011 3:12 PM

      In reply to: GurmoMe

      Agree, I am a loyal STARBUCKS guy...but am infuriated I can't buy any more of the T-Blend - just personal preference - only a week out of the yr?

    • rmpolicano
    • 11/29/2011 8:38 PM

    Thanksgiving Blend is my favorite of the year, but it disappears quickly, usually completely inside of November. Sadly, the days following Thanksgiving I couldn't find any brewed or available still in whole bean form. No time was wasted switching to Christmas Blend, which for my taste is fairly unremarkable. Is there a variety available throughout most of the year that is similar to Thanksgiving??

      • markkhurst
      • 12/1/2011 3:14 PM

      In reply to: rmpolicano

      Great Question, again...STARBUCKS, why not make it available a little longer? We are willing to pay for IT...rather than donate or send it back - I bought a pound at local Starbucks and another bag at TARGET - surely there was much left

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