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It's Sanani Season

Arabian Mocha Sanani is one of my very favorite coffees, and I’m super-excited that it’s Sanani season at Starbucks. This coffee is now available at the peak of its flavor, just like an apple during apple season.

This is the coffee that helped me discover the beverage I was drinking every morning could be more than warm, caffeinated liquid. Before working here, I knew nothing about coffee tastings –  comparing one coffee to another to identify the acidity, body and flavor. 

This was a completely new concept and a little intimidating. At first, it seemed that coffee just tasted like … coffee. But slowly I began to recognize a few differences.

Then I tasted Sanani and everything changed. 

I remember that moment that I raised my mug to inhale the aroma. To my surprise, I could actually smell dark, ripe berries. The first sip brought forth intense flavors of dark chocolate. These started to mingle with berry and spice notes. And finally, a lingering cocoa finish.

It was sublime – my ‘ah-ha’ coffee moment! I could now appreciate coffee the way I appreciate a great cabernet.

In the years since my first taste of Sanani, I’ve enjoyed many coffees with varied and unique flavors I never expected to find in my cup – ripe tomato, fresh herbs, lemon and black pepper, just to name a few. As Sanani returns to our stores for a short time this summer, I look forward to experiencing this coffee again. I hope you’ll join me in discovering coffee’s infinite possibilities in the cup.

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    • ikunohigh
    • 2/11/2012 8:29 PM

    Hi,Nicole.I liked your article.
    I hope you remember me.I am Koji.
    Even though I live in MA,I like Starbucks coffee better than Dunkin Donuts coffee.
    I am also a very coffee fan.I am picky to choose coffee.
    Good luck.

    • lbp5219
    • 6/26/2013 7:04 AM


    • 8/16/2014 10:54 AM

    Hi Starbucks. I see this post from 2009. Is Arabian Mocha Sanani coffee still available?


    Gary M

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