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Introducing Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee

Everyone claims to have the world’s best coffee! But not often are the words “exotic, rare and exquisite” used to describe that coffee. For Starbucks to append all three words, the coffee must be really special.

We’ve introduced Starbucks Reserve™ coffee to a limited number of stores. This new line of coffees, each available only for a short time, represents the best of the best! You can expect to find flavors that explode on your palate and fade with a lingering complexity. When you taste a Starbucks Reserve™ coffee, you’ll be reminded of our heritage and the early days of the specialty coffee business that we helped to create.

Only 3% of the world’s coffee is good enough to make it into a bag of our coffee, and Starbucks Reserve™ represents a tiny fraction of that 3%. You all have told us that you want to see rare and exotic coffees in our stores, and that is exactly what we have done in bringing treasures like Galapagos San Cristobal to you.

Check online to see which stores will be carrying Starbucks Reserve™ coffees, and be sure to look out for them. You won’t be disappointed.

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