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Introducing Starbucks Card eGifts

We’re happy to announce the launch of Starbucks Card eGifts in the U.S. This follows on the heels of our October launch of the Starbucks Card Facebook app that allowed users to reload the Starbucks Cards of their friends.

The idea of giving the gift of Starbucks remotely is a popular one, and we’re betting you’ll love this new member of the Starbucks Card program. Here’s a little bit more about why we think a Starbucks Card eGift is so great.

It can be used like a regular Starbucks Card – you can even register it to earn Stars through My Starbucks Rewards! You can set it to auto-reload, use it for purchases on, and don’t forget that once you register it you can use it with the Starbucks Card Mobile app. at participating stores in the U.S.

Delivery is almost instantaneous! You can choose to have your eGift delivered to an email address. Or if you’re gifting a Facebook friend, you can even notify someone through a wall post. Better yet, if your friend has a registered card in the Starbucks Card Facebook app, then you can deliver your eGift to that registered Starbucks Card. Convenient? We think so.

You can send your eGift with a customized message and choose from some cool designs that we’ve created just for our eGifts.

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