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How to Throw A Perfect Tea Party

Whether your girlfriends are secret want-to-be princesses (me!) or more casual girls who love to hang out, throwing a tea party is a super fun way to enjoy some time together. 

At first, the idea of throwing a tea party overwhelmed me because I don’t own a fabulous hat, but soon I realized that all I really need for the perfect tea party is a tasty menu, flavorful tea and great girlfriends.

This easy-to-prepare menu features some of our tastiest baked goods, which are super-easy to pick up at your local Starbucks when you grab your tea. To round out the menu, grab some fresh fruit at your local farmer’s market. 

Tea Party Menu

• Blueberry Scone & Petite Vanilla Bean Scone – These are must-have tea party staples filled with sweet blueberries or miniaturized with real flecks of vanilla bean.
• Fresh fruits of the season – What’s more fabulous than a heaping pile of fresh strawberries and blueberries?
• Tazo® Earl Grey Tea and Tazo® Calm Tea  – It’s always a good idea to have a decaffeinated option on hand to serve, too.

And don’t forget to decorate!  Keep it simple and clean with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a pretty tablecloth.  Set the food on a tiered serving stand and use (gasp!) real tea cups.

What would you serve at your perfect tea party?  

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