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Help U.S. Jobs, Get an Indivisible Wristband

The Indivisible wristband is a thank you when you donate to the Create Jobs for USA Fund.

“Indivisible” is a word that brings together Starbucks partners, our suppliers and the American people. I’ve had the great pleasure of helping to bring an American-made Indivisible wristband to you as a thank you when you donate to the Create Jobs for USA Fund, operated by Opportunity Finance Network®.

It has been an exciting journey watching the wristband design and materials come together to be manufactured at existing American manufacturing plants, and we’re even gearing up some new plants. One hundred percent of the materials are from right here in the U.S.A. The red, white and blue cord is manufactured in Rhode Island, and the brass crimps come from Florida. The zinc alloy bead is made in a woman-owned manufacturing plant in Los Angeles where the wristband is also being assembled.

Today most high-volume U.S. manufacturing is gone due in part to the cost savings achievable through overseas production. I’ve seen work being put into factories who are hiring individuals in communities specifically in need of jobs. Domestic machinery that hasn’t been used in 15 years is being dusted off to make the wristbands. Our supplier hopes that “projects like the Indivisible wristband are a first step in resurrecting large-scale U.S. manufacturing.”

It has been an inspiring project. We hope that you’ll join in and donate to the Create Jobs for USA fund. By wearing this wristband, you’ll share that as Americans we are indivisible and together we can help create and sustain jobs here in the U.S.A. You can donate online at or in U.S. company-owned Starbucks stores.

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