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Guatemala de Flor Breezes In

Guatemala de Flor

Guatemala de Flor is a special coffee that we’re excited to share with you. In fact, we’ve selected it as one of our Starbucks Reserve™ coffees this fall – and with good reason.

Hailing from the famed Antigua region where green mountains, deep valleys and ancient volcanoes live. Antigua is tucked between three volcanoes and produces some of the best coffees in the world with complex flavors.

The Spanish translation of de Flor means “the flower,” and this coffee provides a lovely lavender aroma when brewing up a cup. The first time we had the opportunity to taste it, we liked it for its bright lemony acidity and complex herbal and floral notes, complimented by a chocolate-like texture and lingering aftertaste.

Guatemala de Flor is an easy match with all types of food because it kicks the flavors up a notch. It’s a true classic with elegance and style, headed your way.

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