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Galápagos and the Natural Order of Coffee

When I think of the Galápagos Islands, I think of natural science, Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution. I am taken back to my school days where I learned about their many wonders: a unique ecosystem, rare bird species and exotic flora.

Today we are discovering another wonder from this place: its incredible coffee. We have never offered a coffee from here, and I think it speaks to our ability to discover exceptional finds.

The coffee comes from the island of San Cristóbal, which is one of the largest in the Galápagos chain. San Cristóbal has a peculiar ecosystem that plays a big role in the flavor of this exceptional coffee. The land enjoys plenty of fresh water from small rivers fed by a volcanic crater lake. And the cold Humboldt current that pushes inland creates mountain-like conditions that allow the coffee trees to flourish at low altitudes. The coffee is certified organic, shade grown and bird-friendly.

I have to say the coffee had a lot to live up to in my mind, based on all the stories and lessons I learned as a kid about this mysterious place. But I was not disappointed – the coffee tasted as exotic as the place I imagined. The flavors are familiar yet complex: a juicy mix of fresh green herbs like tarragon and thyme, balanced by notes of soft cocoa and spice.

Galápagos San Cristóbal arrives in selected stores as our first Starbucks Reserve™ coffee. Discover it for yourself soon as it won’t be around long.

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    • anchorman1
    • 9/9/2010 2:22 PM

    When I think of the Galapagos, I think of God's creation and the beauty and variety that fills the island area. So, the coffee that grows there must be absolutely delicious! Can't wait to try this exotic blend of cocoa, spice, tarragon, and thyme!

    • visualstoryteller
    • 10/12/2010 8:17 AM

    I spent a month in San Cristobal with a group of journalism students. We produced a website dedicated to the life and culture of Galapagos. I had the privilege of visiting Hacienda El Cafetal and seeing the process this wonderful coffee goes through on its way to your cup. I brought back several pounds to my friends and family and since my return I have searched from more. I am excited to now know where I can find it. I hope everyone can share my joy in this amazing coffee

    • 10/22/2010 6:25 PM

    I found out about this coffee too late, and had to go to eBay to find it. I lost the first auction but won another. The coffee arrived today, and this evening I tried it out. Mmm! I like the bold and extra bold Starbucks coffees like Gold Coast, Pike Place, Yukon Organic, and Thanksgiving blend. Galapagos San Cristobal should satisfy those who like bold coffee. I minored in Anthropology in college, and agree it's a shame Charles Darwin never got to taste this exotic coffee. Thank you!

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