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Free 10-Song Summer Mix

Frappuccino® blended beverage fans, your friends on the music team here at Starbucks have a gift for you.

Beginning June 6, when you purchase a Frappuccino® blended beverage, your barista will hand you a free 10-Song Summer Mix playlist of our favorites, available for download on iTunes while supplies last. Some of the artists may be familiar while others may be discoveries, but there's something for every summer activity.

Death Cab for Cutie's breezy "Underneath the Sycamore" (U.S. only) may prompt you to pull out a blanket and basket and enjoy that Mocha Coconut Frappuccino® blended beverage picnic-style with a friend, while Parts & Labor's "Rest" will likely cause you to open the sunroof, crank the music and head for open road. Booker T. Jones’s twist on "Just a Friend" (featuring the song’s writer, Biz Markie, as well as Sharon Jones, and the National's Matt Berninger) may spark a spontaneous dance party, so proceed with caution. Our friends We Are Augustines (former members of one of our favorites of all time, Pela), will make you want to give your bicycle (or motorcycle, if singer Billy McCarthy has any say) a spin on a dusty country road.

There are all kinds of moods to satisfy your summer needs, so go get yourself a Frappuccino® blended beverage, air out that dusty picnic blanket and polish your bike, ‘cause it's time to bask in the sun with some killer music.

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    • christmasnutt
    • 6/6/2011 1:35 PM

    i bought a frap today 6/6/11 and wasnt given any free downloads... (no one was around when i got mine so it wasnt like they were swamped

    • trudy13
    • 6/6/2011 1:39 PM

    Any other way to get one? I'm lactose intolerant and the frapps make me very ill.

    • Shutzie27
    • 6/6/2011 1:42 PM

    This is a great promotion, but is there any way to get the download if you *don't* have (or want) an iPhone/Pad? I really dislike iTunes and use my Blackberry as an MP3 player. Since the Blackberry Starbucks Card app for Blackberry is so good, I'm surprised that the corporate office didn't take BB users into consideration when designing this promotion.

      • jcbowman1
      • 6/6/2011 1:55 PM

      In reply to: Shutzie27

      This has nothing to do with iPhone vs BlackBerry vs Android, etc. iTunes is a place to download music. You are free to play the files you've downloaded anywhere you like. Since the iTunes music store is the #1 place to download songs, and since iTunes works on both Mac and PC, I think they made the best choice possible to get this promotion to the masses.

        • Mooscoffee
        • 6/6/2011 2:17 PM

        In reply to: jcbowman1

        Please tell me how to get itunes music on the device that is not an ***** device. Not trying to be rude I'd just like to know. My girls have zen stone mp3's and I have an ipod and I can't share music with them. I also tried to load some of my music on to both my sonyerricsson and samsung phones and itunes will not let me.

        • Mooscoffee
        • 6/6/2011 2:19 PM

        In reply to: Mooscoffee

        why would it bleep out a p p l e?

        • Basia333
        • 6/6/2011 2:31 PM

        In reply to: Mooscoffee

        If you have an iPod (you said you do) then you probably have iTunes to manage your music for your iPod. iTunes will convert songs from the ***** proprietary M4V to the more universal/less restricted mp3 format. Once converted, you should be able to simply move them like you would any other file; no need to use iTunes to do so.

        • orkydork4
        • 6/6/2011 2:24 PM

        In reply to: jcbowman1

        Actually, any song you buy off of iTunes IS exclusive. The songs are formatted in .mp4 format, not .mp3, and only Apple devices are compatible with this file type. Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or whatever else you use cannot read this file type unless you convert it into .mp3 format. So really, only using iTunes is limiting the number of people who can easily take advantage of this offer. However, it IS #1, so regardless, I agree that this is the best way to make the promo available.

        • Basia333
        • 6/6/2011 2:33 PM

        In reply to: orkydork4

        Actually, you can convert the music into mp3 using iTunes. It's no longer as proprietary as it was.

        • dafuzz13
        • 6/6/2011 2:34 PM

        In reply to: orkydork4

        I have several different types of mp3 players that work with Itunes music. You are right that it won't download directly from Itunes to a Blackberry or other device but all the music files are located on your computers hard drive and you can transfer them to other devices that way. Very simple we have them on a Nintendo DSi, and a simple $40 walmart mp3 player and an Iphone 4.

        • Basia333
        • 6/6/2011 2:36 PM

        In reply to: orkydork4

        Yes and no. iTunes will convert the songs to mp3. It's not as proprietary as it once was.

      • Waichunas
      • 6/6/2011 5:11 PM

      In reply to: Shutzie27

      For Blackberry and Android users Doubletwist is an app that will convert from iTunes to something useful. So I put iTunes and Double twist on my computer, convert my Itunes with Doubletwist and listen away on my android.

    • ggfletcher
    • 6/6/2011 1:48 PM

    I bought a mocha cocunut frap today - no cd or offer given to me . . . so how do i get it?

    • coppsj02
    • 6/6/2011 1:48 PM

    What about the people who don't have a Starbucks near them or don't like fraps?

    • 6/6/2011 1:56 PM

    Bought my coconut mocha frap but when i asked for the download, I was looked at by the baristas as if I was an obviously lack of communication with download stinks...

    • ollieblu
    • 6/6/2011 1:59 PM

    I just got back from Starbucks, and asked the barista at the drive thru window about this, and all she handed to me was the weekly free tune from iTunes...

    • katiebrooke73
    • 6/6/2011 2:00 PM

    I'm here at the store. I bought a venti frapp. Store employees know nothing about the promotion and don't seem to care too much either. Store #8269 receipt 1403815. I was advised to call the 800 Starbucks number - rather than them calling to see how to remedy the issue. Telling the customer to call Starbucks if they don't know what to do about a store issue seems to be the default answer here. I'm guessing they'll be telling each customer who knows about this special to call

    • TeressaJay
    • 6/6/2011 2:11 PM

    I went this morning and got a frap also and did not receive the fe tunes.Sometimes Starbucks stores don't know what promotions are going on and we look stupid when we ask.

    • cligotino
    • 6/6/2011 2:18 PM

    I don't get it, how do we get this download? I asked at the store today when I picked up my daily order and they thought I'd lost my mind. What the heck. Please help here.

    • beccabecca10
    • 6/6/2011 2:23 PM

    Same I went and they had now clue what I was talking about. Very disappointed.

    • malariagriot
    • 6/6/2011 2:26 PM

    just got back from starbucks - purchased a coconut mocha frap and was not given any information about the download . . . employees not aware of promo

    • biteofpunkinpie
    • 6/6/2011 2:26 PM

    I bought one today and wasn't given anything other than the wrong frap. Boo.

    • lovemypumpkinmuffie
    • 6/6/2011 2:45 PM

    Bought two Mocha Cocanut Frapps today. No card. Boo.

    • richardfujiro
    • 6/6/2011 3:20 PM

    Hi, Looks like it is only good for Apple or MAC users but anyways i saw a good Point of Sale (POS) at the Megamall it is Called LivePOS... That POS is so Unique it has a feature where refunds will never be the headache of the customers. also found their website online together with their DEMO Video visit here and I'm sure you will like it

    • iucmi2
    • 6/6/2011 3:23 PM

    I got the card, Put the code in iTunes and ... NOTHING. .... EPIC FAIL STARBUCKS!

    • shawnwideman
    • 6/6/2011 3:36 PM

    I just got the Coconut Mocha Frappicino, got the card, got the music and transferred it from my computer to my Zune. Love it!!!!! Greer, SC store has got it going own and I didn't have to ask.

    • imferfekt
    • 6/6/2011 3:40 PM

    i wonder if this great thing will come here in the Philippines? someday soon? :) i want FREE great music too!

    • BetterOffDoug
    • 6/6/2011 3:56 PM

    The last time I got excited about something posted by Starbucks on their Facebook page, it was the announcement of the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino, which then took several weeks before any of the stores were offering it. If this is another bait and switch to get you into the stores, and then not have the promotion available, I'm going to be one unhappy customer.

      • jen_rojas
      • 6/6/2011 4:28 PM

      In reply to: BetterOffDoug

      I was there today as well and no promo for me either. They didn't have a clue what it was. After the Mocha Coconut Frap came out, they were mysteriously out of coconut syrup for two weeks...something about they were "waiting for their shipment." The ad for the Mocha Coconut was on the wall but they weren't able to make it? Weird. Seems like false advertisement.

    • Rebecka75
    • 6/6/2011 4:46 PM

    So, just out of curiosity, is this also available on Zune Marketplace? Being that M'soft and S'bucks are both Seattle companies, it would be nice with a bit of "local patriotism"... QUite a few of us don't use iTunes. :-(

    • 6/6/2011 4:53 PM

    My Starbucks had the posters up and the free playlist cards... I went specifically for that, and they did not disappoint. Thanks Starbucks Granada Hills (Knollwood)! You guys are the best!!!

    • Caitlinluvsdan
    • 6/6/2011 4:56 PM

    I went today to one of my local Starbucks and asked them about it and they had no idea what I was talking about. I got a tall strawberries and *****. I was a little disappointed, but it's ok because I had a wonderful frapp. I'm just waiting though for more info on this download.

    • hshellner
    • 6/6/2011 5:14 PM

    Just bought 2 frapps and no mention of the promotion...

    • meheyjude
    • 6/6/2011 5:17 PM

    We don't do iTunes here - please provide some other way. Thanks!

    • nbillerot
    • 6/6/2011 5:22 PM

    Didn't get any voucher when I got my grande Frappucino!!!!Is this available in Canada??

    • loyd1234
    • 6/6/2011 5:24 PM

    I was really disappointed when I bought 4 fraps today (6/6/11) and the employees did not know anything about the promotion. How do I get the free music now?

    • rjjacks
    • 6/6/2011 5:25 PM

    I also just bought a frappe and wasn't offered a card:(

    • dangerouschai
    • 6/6/2011 5:29 PM

    AW ! Man ! If they are still doin' it in the next few wks , I'll be sure 2 get info =) Oh yeah , try the chai soy frap ! Get some spice in your life =D

    • jlueth
    • 6/6/2011 5:33 PM

    bought one today & received nothing :(

    • Dragonflyvamp
    • 6/6/2011 5:34 PM

    I just got a frapp and not the downloads. Usually my store has all the promos. If the promo started today, then shouldn't all the Starbucks have the offer?

    • 6/6/2011 5:45 PM

    Just bought a frap. Was on iPad & read about the free download. I hadn't received anything either. iPad said it started the 6th. Went back in & the guy said it actually wasn't supposed to start until the 7th. Was super nice & gave me the card for downloading. Apparently just a mixup in paperwork & Starbucks. Super nice here.

    • foysox
    • 6/6/2011 6:05 PM

    Bet you can guess what I am going to either.

      • princessmedea
      • 6/6/2011 6:17 PM

      In reply to: foysox

      Same thing . . . and to make it worse my store had a big sign advertising the 10 free song promotion. I asked about it when I ordered my 2 drinks and the cashier told me it was new and they weren't really sure what it is yet.

    • lee7399
    • 6/6/2011 7:05 PM

    I got mine on Saturday but when I tried to download it tonight, it did nothing. Just kept taking me back to iTunes home page. Has anyone had any luck yet?

    • Charlenemcneil
    • 6/6/2011 7:25 PM

    Bought 2 frappe's today from 2 different Starbucks and no downloads. Is there anyway to get it tomorrow?

    • davidhaha
    • 6/6/2011 7:34 PM

    I went to Starbucks, bought my Frap, and the baristas looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for this!

      • haleyt102
      • 6/7/2011 12:42 PM

      In reply to: davidhaha

      I had the exact same response. The manager then came over and told me she would give my reciept and that I should keep it and then come online. There should be some way to type in a receipt number for those of us who were not given cards.

    • jmotley123
    • 6/6/2011 8:05 PM

    Bought a frappe, but no downloads available :-(

    • aarenas22
    • 6/6/2011 8:19 PM

    I'm sad ... why didn't I get one? Venti Caramel Frapp and I even used my Starbucks card! )=

    • gsaun039
    • 6/6/2011 8:47 PM

    The signs were up but that seems to be the only thing that is available....this ad and those signs. Howard? Onward?

    • Mandiscandal
    • 6/6/2011 8:52 PM

    I broke my diet when I saw this. I was so excited about the drink I didn't realize until later that I didn't get my card. ugh. diet down the drain. back to day one tomorrow.

    • carynl33
    • 6/6/2011 8:56 PM

    I bought a Frapp from TWO different Starbucks' today. the second one, I actually asked how to get my playlist and they told me that I had to go to the website!

    • s_porreca
    • 6/6/2011 9:34 PM

    i am a starbucks barista and i was actually not informed about this we just got the cards and signs for them today and no where on it does it say when this starts. i am sorry none of you got your free cards for it all i can suggest is go back and ask a manger about it beacuse like i said i was never informed on it and just found it all today.

    • Radiohead007
    • 6/7/2011 12:05 AM

    I went tonight(6th) to a get a Frap and my iTunes card. I got both but when I put the code in on my iPhone and nothing happened. I also got an email about the iTunes card after midnight from Starbucks. I think the promo might have been slated for 7th instead of the 6th. I'm going to try rhe code again tomorrow and if it still doesn't work then I'll go back and get another one.

    • ABeatty18
    • 6/7/2011 2:19 AM

    No handout, no info. Nothing in store about the promotion. Employees knew nothing about it. Not that unusual, I see.

    • bebecat777
    • 6/7/2011 7:17 AM

    I went to my local Starbucks this morning and saw the promotion for the Summer Mix there. Actually, I came across it last night on Facebook, which prompted me to go to Starbucks, purchase a 'However-You-Want-It' Frappuccino, and when I asked about the 10-song freebie, the barista gave it to me as soon as I paid for the Frappuccino.

    • bremnerj
    • 6/7/2011 7:20 AM

    I asked about the playlist when I bought my Frappuccino yesterday at 6pm. They had no clue what I was talking about. I was at the store located at 1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA. It's not cool to advertise a promotion and not tell your stores about it.

    • wolfchild767
    • 6/7/2011 7:58 AM

    Now that everyone is saying that they aren't giving away the cards just yet - I may have to go to Starbucks to get my Raspberry Mocha Frap and run the risk of not getting a card either - DARN. If I don't get a card, guess that means that I may have to stop again tomorrow.......and possibly the day after that...........

    • 6/7/2011 8:53 AM

    Just back from one of the Sbux here in Oakland, and they hadn't even heard of the promotion. They offered to find out (good customer service) but as the line to order was nearly out the door I told them I'd come back in tomorrow.

    • guitarsabeaton
    • 6/7/2011 10:10 AM

    I got a card yesterday at the Starbucks in the Millennium Train Station in Chicago, as i was on a day trip. I live in another state, which I guess doesn't have any Starbucks 30 minuets from me :(. But what I did do, since there was no line, was I looked at the Fleet Fox's new album they had for sale in the store. I forgot what I ordered, but the barista gave me thed summer mix card. I was traveling in a group and another family in the group ordered some fraps, and didn't get one.

    • guitarsabeaton
    • 6/7/2011 10:15 AM

    Also, I went to iTunes last night and today, typed in the code to redeem it. It booted me back to the main iTunes Store page. What a fail. Too bad, because they great bands on it like Death Cab for Cutie, Booker T, Jones, Cold War Kids, Fleet Foxes, The Airborne Toxic Event and Peter Bjorn and John. So, I think Starbucks doesn't know what to do when it comes to their promotions like this.

      • avmarraccini
      • 6/7/2011 2:58 PM

      In reply to: guitarsabeaton

      This happened to me as well. Does this mean that all the downloads are used up for this promotion? I was super excited for the Fleet Foxes song especially. Maybe I can ask my barista for another card tomorrow, or can Starbucks fix something so that my download stops just redirecting me to the home page of iTunes (this happened both on my Mac laptop and my iPad)?

        • guitarsabeaton
        • 6/7/2011 5:38 PM

        In reply to: avmarraccini

        I know 99.9% that the downlads are not gone. The promotion started yesterday (June 6th) I tried to download them yesterday night, and it wouldn't work. Many people above said that they didn't even get a card. So I'm sure it's Starbucks falt or A pple's fault. I e-mailed A pple about the problem and they have yet to respond. So we will have to wait and see.

      • shellbeee23
      • 6/7/2011 4:23 PM

      In reply to: guitarsabeaton

      This happened to me too! I was actually pretty excited to get songs from all these amazing bands and singers! Starbucks really need to work on this issue!

      • cristacueto
      • 6/7/2011 5:19 PM

      In reply to: guitarsabeaton

      I had the same problem! And I only bought the Frappuchino to get the summer mix. Bummer.

    • jjsindt
    • 6/7/2011 10:55 AM

    Thanks for the songs. I bought a frap yesterday and get the download instrucations. The download was easy and went well. Thanks again. Great benefit!

    • edwardkohn
    • 6/7/2011 10:56 AM

    received the card but download not working Just took me to main page

    • Pstreet7
    • 6/7/2011 11:51 AM

    No cards here at the cleveland park, wisconsin ave Starbucks in DC on June 7 either...

    • KaylanH1994
    • 6/7/2011 11:52 AM

    I didn't get a card either.

    • jmvannoy
    • 6/7/2011 12:06 PM

    I went to the store this morning and no one knew anything about it. No download which was the only reason I got a frapp on a Tuesday (usually hold out for Wednesdays and Fridays when I really need them). This is the worst promotion I have seen so far. There is no way that they ran out already!

    • swimley1
    • 6/7/2011 12:09 PM

    I got a frapp yesterday and today and guess what? No card was offered to me! I used my starbucks gold card. No receipt. Clermont Fl store.

    • jmvannoy
    • 6/7/2011 12:10 PM

    6/7/11 - Not only did I not get a card, I got an extremely agitated barista who informed me he had no idea what "you people" are talking about. I am only one person so he must have heard about it from someone earlier. Then he proceeded to lecture me about how false emails are sent out once in a while and I told him it was on the website. He had nothing to say (surprisingly) about that.

    • kasia30
    • 6/7/2011 12:28 PM

    i did not get my too......:(

    • 6/7/2011 12:47 PM

    I purchased 3 drinks yesterday and 1 today and did not receive card either! I also purchased the book and that was a whole debacle of getting the $5 gift card - they said I was the 1st person to buy the book at that store and the cashier told me it took $5 off the cost. WRONG! The manager came over when I disputed this and took care of that, but I would like to have gotten my iTunes card as advertised too! Disappointed :-(

    • rosaroja
    • 6/7/2011 12:49 PM

    I, too, got stiffed. The manager at my Starbucks on Logan Blvd. and California Ave. in Chicago said that all I had to do was go to the Starbucks homepage and there would be a link to click to download the songs. The manager said that the songs were free to everyone, no purchase required.

    • Sharkfin38
    • 6/7/2011 12:57 PM

    I bought 3 Fraps. today (June 7th) was not given anything for my free summer music. How do I get it? Starbucks needs to BE SURE that ALL of their stores knows of these kinds of promotions and can handle them when customers come in and ask about them. Please let mwe know how I get my free music!!!

    • kdun33
    • 6/7/2011 1:16 PM

    I bought a Venti Frapp today...I picked up one of the download flyers and was reading it. I thought maybe the code was on it, but it wasn't, and nobody said anything to me. What up??

    • asiu1990
    • 6/7/2011 1:47 PM

    You can just download it off the landing page when you connect to the Starbucks Wi-Fi. (The store I went to in Pasadena, CA also had the download cards sitting on the counter as well.)

    • awagner33
    • 6/7/2011 2:00 PM

    I just asked one of the Barista's for the card after i purchased a Frapp and they handed one to me....

    • Dancer42775
    • 6/7/2011 2:08 PM

    My sister and I both bought Fraps today and no card :(

      • Starbucks Starbucks
      • 6/7/2011 2:18 PM

      In reply to: Dancer42775

      Hi everyone, apologies that some of your stores have not yet been informed of this promotion. We're working to fix this as soon as possible!

        • jgshowell
        • 6/7/2011 4:27 PM

        In reply to: Starbucks

        It is very frustrating to read through these posts, see that mine was not an isolated problem, but rather that the whole roll-out of the promotion seems to have gone bad. The "I'm sorry's" sprinkled through here seem inadequate". It seems rather that you need to 1) train your staff to handle things better when they do get caught uninformed, and 2) tell us how to follow-up so you can make this right.

        • guitarsabeaton
        • 6/7/2011 5:46 PM

        In reply to: Starbucks

        How about you work harder at teaching employees about what a promotion is. Second, how about you test and make sure that the codes will work.

        • babyloo_23
        • 6/7/2011 8:05 PM

        In reply to: Starbucks

        we already bought ours & had no addition, there's no receipt should have yours baristas give customers their receipts. we're being nice not to ask about receipt because we know the baristas dont like it.However, when something happens, we have no proof.sad :(

    • wjorgy
    • 6/7/2011 2:39 PM

    My store didn't even know about the promo until I showed them the email. Even then all they had to say was "sorry". Called Customer Service and they will email you the code.

    • jtillmanns1220
    • 6/7/2011 2:55 PM

    I went to my local starbucks in McHenry, my yummy frappe and my card...came home excited to download my tunes and when I go to redeem the code it does NOTHING. It brings me back to the home screen...I am so disappointed. This seemed like such a great promotion but for me it was a fail :(

    • wpbeech
    • 6/7/2011 3:56 PM

    Me too, I bought mine in Boca. No one offered me the free download! How do I get my free download? I used my card.

    • lemanzano8
    • 6/7/2011 4:25 PM

    The store I went to today was unaware of this promotion as well. Surprising. I have never dealt with this situation where the Starbucks website advertised a promo and the store didn't know about it.

    • cochran377
    • 6/7/2011 4:39 PM

    just left my store and they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. bad planning Starbucks... what happened?

    • lee7399
    • 6/7/2011 5:14 PM

    I recieved an email tonight from Starbucks CS and got a new code, but still the same thing. Sending me back to the iTunes Homepage. I'm a little surprised at how difficult this has all been! I've downloaded songs from there before, but this is crazy.

    • RabbitLuvr
    • 6/7/2011 5:15 PM

    No one at the store I just left, frappuccino in hand, knew what I was talking about. First the barista told me she hadn't heard of it, then after I showed her the email she said I had to be "black level" to get the downloads, and when I told her I was two stars from Gold, she decided that the only way for anyone to get the downloads was to call customer service. I seriously doubt a promo would be set up that way! So...... How do I get the music downloads??? I paid with my card,

    • wilfredooliveros
    • 6/7/2011 5:21 PM

    Ok, here's the thing: bought the frap, got the card, opened the itunes, signed in, select the track (DCFC's song) clicked on "buy" (there was no other option) the billing information asked for the redeem code, put the redeem code in, and then...N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Am I missing something? You know the following sentence: Please Help!

      • dlcaldude
      • 6/8/2011 9:34 AM

      In reply to: wilfredooliveros

      when you sign in to itunes, in the upper right side of the screen, theres a quicklinks area, go to redeem... type in the code, and the download is instant. Itunes will download all ten songs. You DONT go to the artists listed on the card and click buy, thats the wrong way of doing it.

        • wilfredooliveros
        • 6/8/2011 2:00 PM

        In reply to: dlcaldude

        done that, exactly as you explained (I did that also in the first time) but nothing happened, guess something is wrong with my card, thanks anyway for trying. I'm gonna go to the store where i got the card and ask the guys there for help

    • jrlindley
    • 6/7/2011 5:53 PM

    Same as above. And the email promotion didn't say to grab a card from the barista, so I figured since I paid with my gold card I'd sign into my account and it'd just know, or I'd get a follow-up email. Botched promo all the way around.

    • jrlindley
    • 6/7/2011 5:53 PM

    I rec'd the download card today, 6-7-11, however when I redeem the code I get a message that says unable to process.

    • radiohead007
    • 6/7/2011 5:57 PM

    EPIC FAIL!!!! I've gotten 4 cards and NONE OF THEM WORK!!!! I did the same thing as everyone else, put the code in and it just takes you back to the home screen!! So frustrating, STARBUCKS really dropped the ball on this one!!! Way to run a free summer song giveaway!!!! I'm going to Dunkin Donuts!!

    • MilwaukeeMark
    • 6/7/2011 6:11 PM

    I am a partner and my card does not work either.

    • epel120
    • 6/7/2011 6:35 PM

    Ordered a Frap today and was given a receipt but no information on how to get the 10 Summer mix. On Starbucks website but cannot find any information on how to register my recipt. How do i get the 10 free songs?

    • eddiesalina
    • 6/7/2011 6:41 PM

    I called the sbux number on the receipt and its the same 10 songs. The Barista read me the songs over the phone.

    • sashaandcubby2
    • 6/7/2011 7:07 PM

    I went to the Chino, CA Starbucks drive-thru yesterday evening and the guy was clueless about it. He went and asked and came back with a stack of Starbuck/ITunes cards that say "Pick of the Week" on them and gave me one but it is only for one free download, it was not the current promo. I think Starbucks is definitely running a bait and switch. They get you in to buy your frap and then say they don't know anything about a promotion.

    • dvherf
    • 6/7/2011 7:22 PM

    I bought one this morning and got nothing; I saw the e-mail note about an hour later :(

    • teddlipka
    • 6/7/2011 8:09 PM

    No one at the San Clemente store knew about it, including the manager! While reading through the comments here, I was finally approached by a barista, who said they "went and looked and dug them out." Um, OK. Now to see if the code works...

    • foxfyre
    • 6/7/2011 8:09 PM

    I had to ask about it when I bought my frap this morning, and eventually they found someone who knew about the promotion and gave me the card. Unfortunately, when I try to redeem the code in iTunes (on my computer or my ***** devices) it does NOTHING. No error code, no download, just ... nothing. Very frustrating.

    • rmwelder
    • 6/7/2011 8:31 PM

    Bought a venti Frapp this afternoon and I didn't get anything either :(

    • babs707
    • 6/7/2011 9:17 PM

    103 degrees today and wanted to treat myself to a Frappuccino and free music, but also got nothing but an apology...she was nice and I felt sorry for her--not fun to work for a company that communicates better with customers than employees.

    • NetKnits
    • 6/7/2011 10:07 PM

    I'm having the same issue that some of you are having, can't redeem the songs. When I tried to redeem the first time after accepting the terms and conditions iTunes I got a message saying it couldn't process at this time. Now when I try to redeem it accepts the code but just redirects me to the iTunes homepage. Fix it Starbucks!

    • Jacklyn25
    • 6/7/2011 10:33 PM

    it would be nice to get the playlist code. Why do barista look at you funny when you ask for soy milk?

    • lyndseyserene
    • 6/8/2011 12:33 AM

    I got an email yesterday announcing the 10 free download card and changed my usual drink to a frappuccino. When I didn't receive a card I asked for one and was told that the songs were available for free online to everyone, when I came home and checked that is obviously not the case. I budget a certain # of drinks a month so I am very disappointed. I hope starbucks does something to make this right.

    • 58james
    • 6/8/2011 6:15 AM

    bought my frap today but no one knew about the free download card

    • mmvuksich
    • 6/8/2011 6:43 AM

    Not getting the card yields the same result as getting the card, except you don't have the frustration of visiting the iTunes site and repeatedly entering passwords and download codes. The card I received just kicks you back and forth from download code to iTunes sign in. It doesn't ever get beyond sign in. Hope others have more success.

    • sharkteeth
    • 6/8/2011 6:49 AM

    Wow, sure lots of good comments. Smiles.

    • pjz7100
    • 6/8/2011 7:06 AM

    Very bummed my free downloads did not work. After entering the code, I just got bumped back to the homepage. Starbucks, will you make it right? Thanks!

    • catie311
    • 6/8/2011 7:08 AM

    I've gotten two frappucinos, two download cards, and neither code works! I have the same issue with both cards - just sends me to the itunes homepage. I've tried them on my phone and computer. No luck - someone needs to fix this problem!!

    • ssuryan
    • 6/8/2011 7:53 AM

    Should I just say ditto? I asked the barista for the info, and received one, but am getting the Unable to Process at this time. Help!

    • mr.hopkins
    • 6/8/2011 8:28 AM

    I am saving my receipts. My barista had no coupons on Monday or Tuesday.

    • kamast525
    • 6/8/2011 9:00 AM

    No one around here seems to know about the promotion either- very frustrating!

    • Hpannier
    • 6/8/2011 9:10 AM

    Starbucks! Can we get a response? This clearly isn't an isolated incident and it would be nice to to at least get an apology and to know if we should keep trying our useless codes or if it's time to just give up. Thanks.

    • dlcaldude
    • 6/8/2011 9:31 AM

    Fun Mix! (and a great promo idea) Had no problem getting my card from the awesome people at the San Francisco, @ Powell & Sutter location. I always go there for my coffee fix and they are super nice. Thanks for the "Gift with purchase"! :)

    • sarahbethharris
    • 6/8/2011 10:04 AM

    I think the problem with the download is in the small print on the back of the card. "iTunes 10.0 or later." Of course, if you didn't update iTunes yesterday, you can't today because the site is down. Nice. Thanks Starbucks for the promotion, it would be nice if iTunes worked.

      • Hpannier
      • 6/8/2011 10:11 AM

      In reply to: sarahbethharris

      I was running iTunes 10 and was told by @frappicino on twitter to try updating so I updated to 10.3 and it still didn't work. Huge disappointment!

      • Radiohead007
      • 6/8/2011 10:30 AM

      In reply to: sarahbethharris

      I have iTunes 10.2.2 which for me is the latest version. 10.3 is a limit beta release that not everyone got. I also tried this on my iPhone 4 with the latest software updates. I tried 4 codes, none of them worked on either device!

    • jennyhs
    • 6/8/2011 10:31 AM

    I have the card but can not get the code to work , I've tried it 10 times with up and lower case letters. PLEASE let me know when these codes are working, I really want to download this mix! I downloaded the free mix last year and loved it, so I'm really hoping to hear from you guys ASAP.

      • jennyhs
      • 6/10/2011 1:03 PM

      In reply to: jennyhs

      Yay! The code worked, I've got the tunes and I'm enjoying the jams. Nice way to end the week, thanks for correcting the glitch Starbucks/iTunes. Happy Frap Friday Everyone!

    • greanbeanz
    • 6/8/2011 10:54 AM

    I'm really disappointed. It won't download for me. I hope iTunes will fix this! :(

    • surruhh
    • 6/8/2011 11:48 AM

    I just got my card today and I have tried both my iphone (which is completely updated) and itunes on the computer (10.2.2) and neither have worked. I wish they would get this figured out because i was really looking forward to getting these songs..

    • kbrienza315
    • 6/8/2011 11:58 AM

    Will I be able to take my receipt back to get the code?

    • Fatlatte76
    • 6/8/2011 12:02 PM

    I didnt get anything either and the barrista didnt know what I was talking about.. Hoping ill get to use my recipt to get it, I love the playlists :(

    • molstertron5000
    • 6/8/2011 12:32 PM

    I received my downloads, but the code isn't working in iTunes. Suggestions? Solutions?

    • Parkerk08
    • 6/8/2011 12:46 PM

    I tried a code on my iPhone 4 and a different code from my desktop PC. No luck with either. I trust a fix is coming....?

    • tanslacks
    • 6/8/2011 12:53 PM

    Pretty disappointed in Apple and Starbucks SOMEONE should get on this blog or in the media to explain why none of the cards codes are working. I got a card and the code does not work, I am just taking back to itunes without any download

    • JJP3572
    • 6/8/2011 1:24 PM

    I got a card, but nothing happened when I entered my code on iTunes. I guess it's not a valid promotion?

    • 6/8/2011 2:32 PM

    I also bought a frap today and did not receive a itunes download card. I even asked my Barista about it and showed her the e-mail but she had no idea what I was talking about. Instead she told me to keep my receipt - which I did. I'm really disappointed that my starbucks had no idea about their own promotion. Do I have to buy another frap or is there any way that I can get a download code? Please let me know. Thanks!

    • 6/8/2011 2:33 PM

    I purchased 1 Frapp on 06/06 and 1 Frapp on 06/08 on both day's I was not giving a play list.

    • melodylaw2010
    • 6/8/2011 2:36 PM

    My original post appeared under some one else's e-mail address and I was logged into my account. I bought a frap today and did not receive a itunes download card. I asked my Barista about it and showed her the e-mail but she had no idea what I was talking about. Instead she told me to keep my receipt - which I did. I'm really disappointed that my starbucks had no idea about their own promotion. Do I have to buy another frap or is there any way that I can get a download code? Please let me

    • sgroome
    • 6/8/2011 2:54 PM

    I got my free 10 song summer mix today, but when I tried to redeem it on my iPhone,nothing happened. Very disappointed. What's the deal? Anybody else have this problem? What did I do wrong and how can I fix it?

    • mmichelli
    • 6/8/2011 3:29 PM

    Same here as a lot of the above. Bought a mocha frappe today in Philly- some signs up in the store, but when I asked an employee, they had no clue. Very disappointing.

    • netknits
    • 6/8/2011 3:54 PM

    I just tried my second card with a new code for the free playlist on my laptop and my iPad and it didn't work. I even emailed customer service with no response. Maybe this was a fake promotion. 10 free songs. I knew it was too good to be true.

    • caligirl61
    • 6/8/2011 4:09 PM

    I just tried to redeem my code at Itunes and it just sends me to a screen to buy items. I sent ITunes an email. I'm tired of these fake promos to get us in to Starbucks to buy stuff. You are right above... too good to be true.

      • emmabemma94
      • 6/8/2011 4:35 PM

      In reply to: caligirl61

      The same thing happened to me. It could be an I.T. problem at Starbucks or at The iTunes store. I hope they fix it! I was really looking forward to the music ! :(

    • wilfredooliveros
    • 6/8/2011 4:51 PM

    Second Card. Handed by a Barista after i explained the problem, he apologized. Did everything again and...same joke!!! Fraps taste a little bitter now. Don't offer something that won't work!! Very dissappointing.

    • Hpannier
    • 6/8/2011 4:56 PM

    Fyi to anyone whos code doesnt work... I got this email today: I have received your e-mail, and I apologize about the issues you are having redeeming this code for the songs. I will let you know we are working to resolve this issue, and I ask that you re-attempt the download in 1-2 business days, if when you try to download after this time frame, and the download is still not able to be completed, please let us know.

    • tbesse10
    • 6/8/2011 5:43 PM

    My code is not working and wondering what I am doing wrong when trying to redeem. Advice???

    • adagioblue
    • 6/8/2011 5:56 PM

    I got my card on the 6th with no problem, but my code didn't work on the 6th, 7th or 8th. iTunes takes the code at "redeem" and takes you to the iTunes Store home page. There is no mention there of Starbucks and when you search for Starbucks, nothing relating to this promotion is found. Very Frustrating.

    • mollyschlagel
    • 6/8/2011 6:02 PM

    I bought my Frap and asked for the promotion, the clerk gave me the little card - but I haven't been able to successfully redeem it yet. I've tried on my iPhone and computer, and the same thing keeps happening, it just takes me back to the main Redeem page. Help me Starbucks!

      • LexLaura
      • 6/8/2011 6:15 PM

      In reply to: mollyschlagel

      I am having the same problem! I have tried typing in caps vs. lowercase, tried updating my computer, tried buying a song to make sure that downloading was the working (which it is).

    • desireetekin
    • 6/8/2011 7:26 PM

    i bought a frap today with my gold card and didn't get my free 10 summery itunes downloads either, is there a code or something i can get?

    • Gambitpjr
    • 6/8/2011 7:33 PM

    I bought one on Monday and one today and did not receive a code either time. Kinda of frusrating.

    • ahazen2011
    • 6/8/2011 7:48 PM

    Hello, I received the code and I can not find the music on ITunes. Please Help

    • elucasjohnson
    • 6/8/2011 7:56 PM

    Got a delicious Frappucino today. Dismayed that code doesn't work for the Summer Mix. Right up there with the new logo!

    • psychocyn
    • 6/8/2011 8:00 PM

    Come on marketing department..Are you getting too big to remember customer service. Your promotions are a bust.

    • 6/8/2011 8:30 PM

    i received the code and it will NOT download. have also sent a letter to customer service hoping i'll get a reply. i'm very surprised at the ineptness of this entire promotion - starbucks usually has their act together, imho.

    • malamit
    • 6/8/2011 8:48 PM

    i got the same issue .... i bought two and both of the codes are not working..

    • cmt7979
    • 6/8/2011 9:06 PM

    I got my card but the code doesn't work! :( I tested out trying to buy one of the songs listed to see if it would just be free but iTunes charged me. Oh well, at least I knew I loved The Airborne Toxic Event already and love the song I ended up buying. Wish they would fix the codes so I can get the rest of the songs though.

      • Bealet
      • 6/8/2011 9:38 PM

      In reply to: cmt7979

      Same thing here. I tried redeeming it a few times, decided to try buying one of the songs to see if it would work, and got charged. Really hope they can get this worked out. I'm leaving town tomorrow and was really looking forward to the new music!

    • SGirl2040
    • 6/8/2011 9:32 PM

    I went into a Starbucks in a Target today-Yes they had cards-right where the regular itunes download cards always are. I guess you couldve picked one up by buying anything (even snatching one when nobody was looking& YES I was able to redeem the code properly. Sorry to those of you having problems.

    • Crystal6246
    • 6/8/2011 9:38 PM

    I bought a frap 6/7 with cash and another frap 6/8 with my sbux card and neither day did I receive my free music card. I seen the little sign advertising it but I left with nothing but the frap! Frap was great but was irritated that I didn't get the card! Why advertise this freebie in an email and then have us go into one of the sbux locations looking like complete fools! It's a great way to give back to the customers,but everyone needs to get with the program 1st b4 it's promoted to

    • doogiejava
    • 6/8/2011 9:40 PM

    well everyone, I got a card and I have an account with I-Tunes and followed all the steps. Guess what don't work. Starbucks the fapp was good the 10 songs was a bad idea. Starbucks don't know music..

    • Crystal6246
    • 6/8/2011 9:41 PM

    The public!!

    • kfoutz
    • 6/8/2011 9:50 PM

    I had no problems with my download. Just follow the steps on the back.

      • willene
      • 6/8/2011 9:56 PM

      In reply to: kfoutz

      They were advertising the promo in Starbucks, but I had to ask for a card as they forgot to give them out with the Frappucino. Unfortunately I have been following the instructions on the back & cannot load it thru itunes on my computer or on my iphone as the instructions read. Not sure what to do next, but I see many others have the same problem. We need a solution.

    • SGirl2040
    • 6/8/2011 9:57 PM

    The promotion DOES WORK-(probably for most people) The barista didnt give me a card, it was right there on the counter by the register. (the other place to look is by where you pickup your beverage) Ill look in another Starbucks store tomorrow when Im out-dont expect it to be different. take a breath guys.

    • dbackraider
    • 6/8/2011 10:50 PM

    I received my free downloads card. Entered my code on the redeem page on itunes and nothing. All it did was send me back to the homepage. Am I missing something????

    • bjk213
    • 6/9/2011 5:31 AM

    I've been trying to redeem the code as well, and it just takes me back to the home page for iTunes! I've tried a number of times over a number of days. Even went back to the store with my iTouch as it mentions you can download it in Store that way, but no go! Is it going to be fixed anytime soon?

    • kati1212
    • 6/9/2011 5:32 AM

    I purchased 2 as well, and wasn't handed anything :-(

    • 6/9/2011 7:22 AM

    Wow, I have been a loyal Starbucks fan for several years now... I've NEVER been disappointed in Starbucks, but I have to say that I am very disappointed that I have received no response to yesterdays complaint about your latest promotion. I bought a frap, received my Free 10 Song Summer Mix promotion, came home and tried to download the songs from iTunes and the code didn't work. I can't believe Starbucks is promoting something and then not standing behind it. A simple email back l

    • JackiFreeman5
    • 6/9/2011 7:42 AM

    I received my 10 song summer mix yesterday and when I enter the code nothing happens. Very disappointing! I hope this gets fixed.

    • swjinx
    • 6/9/2011 7:57 AM

    I received my card today which was a nice surprise! But the code doesn't work at all. Starbucks could at least provide a valid promotion code if they're going to give one away.

      • sherreewells
      • 6/9/2011 10:15 AM

      In reply to: swjinx

      Try not to be too ******* Starbucks. For an organization that has such a good reputation, a once-in-awhile glitch is not the end of the world. The fact that they're working in conjunction with iTunes means that there is more than one organization involved, so more things can go wrong. I had the same problem, and made my own comment below, but I'm sure Starbucks will have this glitch fixed soon. Hang in there!

    • Joshua_Ludwig
    • 6/9/2011 8:00 AM

    I had the same problem this morning.. The card doesn't work.. WTF?

    • bborozan
    • 6/9/2011 8:04 AM

    let's see: the promo started on monday and as of thursday, a big problem remains with fulfillment. i've left a message on the itunes for windows page. no solution there, just lots of fellow consumers who can't download the summer mix. given the lack of response from starbucks and *****, it might be time to reach out to the media. that might get their attention.

    • EdSeymore
    • 6/9/2011 8:07 AM

    I sent a note to Starbucks cardinfo yesterday afternoon. I received a replay this am that the redemption problem is known and they are working on a resolution.

    • bborozan
    • 6/9/2011 8:10 AM

    interesting that one can type itunes but not @pple in a post. as to the point of sale experience, on 7 june, i had to ask about the promo. barista confirmed that it existed. i then asked if i needed a code or something, as nothing appeared on my receipt about the promo. he huffed and fetched a card for me. "you know, it just started yesterday." um, okay.

    • sherreewells
    • 6/9/2011 10:00 AM

    I bought a frapp yesterday (6/7) and asked for the promo card and received it with my order. However, when I got on my iMac desktop today to redeem it, iTunes kept coming up with this error message: "Your request is temporarily unable to be processed. "Please try again later". I did everything correctly, and kept retrying, but to no avail. Since this just started on 6/6, could it be that iTunes has not yet set up for the download?

    • pjrfenton
    • 6/9/2011 10:10 AM

    I have two cards AND a code sent to me directly from Apple and all three do not work. :( This isn't rocket science - something has gone terribly wrong with the codes.

    • Bratie26
    • 6/9/2011 10:30 AM

    I bought my Frapp today, got my 10 Song Summer Mix redemption code, put it into iTunes and then right when I redeem it, it just brings me back to the iTunes store. Where do I find the songs that are included in this? I'm so confused, someone please help me.

    • shotsoverice
    • 6/9/2011 10:59 AM

    I bought a Mocha Coconut Frappuccino on 6/8/11 in Ferndale, WA. No one offered me the free download! How do I get my free download?

    • mpulsica
    • 6/9/2011 11:38 AM

    I also did not get my card with the frap I bought! Why is it that Starbucks says they are going to have something for the customer and does not deliver???

    • jortega14
    • 6/9/2011 11:51 AM

    Same here; I didn't receive a card with my Frap purchase.

    • paisleydawn
    • 6/9/2011 12:13 PM

    Boo, same here. I have a card and a code but Itunes doesn't do anything but take me to the Itunes store when I try to redeem it. I don't even get the error message. Disappointed!

    • Jennifer1558
    • 6/9/2011 12:37 PM

    I didn't get a card the first time, so I went back and bought ANOTHER Frap the next day (when I really wanted something hot instead), and finally got a card (after having to ask for it), but the code doesn't work. That's a great way to entice us to come back in to get something "free" that is actually a useless waste of time.

    • 6/9/2011 12:38 PM

    I too had to ask for the card. However the code does not work for me either.

    • austinamanda
    • 6/9/2011 12:48 PM

    I received the 10 free song card, but the code won't work. Is there any way I can be provided with a new code? Kind of disappointed.

    • lesann620
    • 6/9/2011 12:56 PM

    The card/code doesn't work. Sad. :( It looks like pretty much everyone is having this problem. Are you guys doing anything to fix it? I really wanted it. Maybe that's why the guy at the counter didn't give me one (they were in plain sight) until I asked.

    • toiletstall
    • 6/9/2011 1:09 PM

    Hello! My code doesn't work either... is there anything that can be done about it? Thanks!

      • Starshine83
      • 6/9/2011 1:50 PM

      In reply to: toiletstall

      Let's hope that they do resolve the issue. I was irritated when I didn't get the songs and thought it was just me until I logged on to here and saw that I'm not alone.

    • Starshine83
    • 6/9/2011 1:28 PM

    Anyway. Starbucks if you read any of these comments you would hopefully please resolve this issue and hopefully offer a new code to those that have received a card for the free songs.

      • Starshine83
      • 6/9/2011 1:47 PM

      In reply to: Starshine83

      I live in AZ and saw the commercial on 6/7/11 advertising the new Mocha Coconut Frap which also mentioned the free 10 song summer mix. I went to my local Starbucks that night and did not receive a card. However I went today 6/9/11 and got one and when I got home I redeemed the card on iTunes but nothing happened. I go on here and see that the people that DID get the card are also having the same issue! Also why would they advertise this on TV if they aren't going to make their stores aware?

    • brianespinosa
    • 6/9/2011 1:39 PM

    i thought it was me.. then i blamed itunes... now i see maybe it was starbucks fault :( I hope it get fixed soon.. i was excited about this promo.

    • jdsample52
    • 6/9/2011 2:01 PM

    I just went through my local starbucks and bought the new mocha coconut frap and didn't get offered the itunes code or a receipt. Not real happy and wondering why I bother to pay attention to the promotions if they never follow through at the locations.

    • kellywilbert
    • 6/9/2011 2:21 PM

    I have purchased one every morning this week and never have been given the card for the Summer Mix. I even purchased a second one on Tuesday and the barista had no clue in what I was talking about and neither did the manager. I have used two different locations neither have had the cards.

    • twizard9
    • 6/9/2011 2:27 PM

    I had bought 4 drinks and figured I'd at least get one card.. please let us know what we can do to get this promotion!

      • Starshine83
      • 6/9/2011 2:38 PM

      In reply to: twizard9

      Just ask the Barista when you visit. If they don't know what you are talking about and look at you as if you are crazy then you should ask them why Starbucks is advertising the promotion on their website and on TV.

    • itsmemrtlo
    • 6/9/2011 2:34 PM

    The code finally worked! I've been trying since Tuesday!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

    • Starshine83
    • 6/9/2011 2:35 PM

    Good news folks!! I went on iTunes and decided to attempt to redeem my card again and the code worked!! I got the free 10 song downloaded. For those of you who did get the card should try to redeem their code again.

    • melissafelt
    • 6/9/2011 2:40 PM

    Purchased the frapp, got the card, code doesn't work--batista gave me another card and that code didn't work either. Can someone post an update on what's going on and solve the problem? Thanks!

    • Billheff17
    • 6/9/2011 2:46 PM

    I just bought a frappe in Chicago. They had a flier about this promotion and still no one in the store knew anything about it. The flier is useless as it gives no directions whatsoever. If there's a redeem card, it seems not to have made it's way to Chicago.

    • EdSeymore
    • 6/9/2011 2:48 PM

    I just retried my redemption code and it worked this time - Thanks Starbucks for fixing the problem!

    • starbucks starbucks
    • 6/9/2011 2:56 PM

    Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience downloading the summer playlist. We want you to know that we're aware of the issue and are working to understand the root cause.

      • stevereske
      • 6/9/2011 6:43 PM

      In reply to: starbucks

      Just a note to let you know that the download did work for me today.

      • musiclover11094
      • 8/21/2011 4:01 PM

      In reply to: starbucks

      I would like to know why I didn't receive mine either. I went to various Starbucks over the summer, and even though I asked, they either said they didn't have anymore, or had no idea what I was talking about. I'm a bit disappointed that this company hasn't followed through with this. Especially since I am both a coffee and music fanatic.

    • bborozan
    • 6/9/2011 3:00 PM

    i just retried my redemption code, and it worked. now the glass is half full, as about half of the songs can be converted to mp3s. the balance are in a protected format. a most disappointing experience for me. onward.

    • DanielCRice
    • 6/9/2011 3:15 PM

    Mine works too now. Thanks for the fix! Now rockin' to "Biz Markie and Booker T...Biz Markie and Booker T"

    • SGirl2040
    • 6/9/2011 4:47 PM

    Went into a Target store w/a Starbucks and they had the cards, and the download worked-no problem. Just to compare-I went into an actual Starbucks-and they didnt have the cards yet. (btw the two were on the same block-its not a regional problem) Interesting.

    • 6/9/2011 4:53 PM

    Just wanted to let others know that I had no luck downloading a few hours ago, called 800 STARBUCKS and they said to try again later. It worked just now.

    • skiesuzi
    • 6/9/2011 5:00 PM

    I seem to have had the same experience many of you have had - bought my frappucino and asked about the card - no one knew what i was talking about- very frustrating.

    • kentapp
    • 6/9/2011 6:13 PM

    I got my free card and will return it to the store. To get my "free" music they required a credit card. With all the companies get hit by theft why should I ever give a credit card number for something free. Isn't that asking for trouble? I'd dump your iTunes relationship until they fix so it truly is free. Ken

    • CAmaya11
    • 6/9/2011 7:21 PM

    I stopped in the pioneer sqr location this morning, bought a frapp and ask about the mix and no one knew anything about it. One barista told me to go back online and print out a coupon and bring it in?? Kind of a bummer.

    • tiffer20
    • 6/9/2011 8:33 PM

    I bought a frapp on 6/7/11 and I didn't get my 10 free songs. I looked around but didn't see anything about it. :( I was really looking forward to the free songs too.

    • lajdini
    • 6/9/2011 10:07 PM

    I frequently visit three different stores in LV area. None of them have offered my anything to download the songs. Do we truly have to ask them to give it to us? Can't you track my purchases on my registered Starbucks card and email me my code?

      • SGirl2040
      • 6/9/2011 11:46 PM

      In reply to: lajdini

      Bluntly-this whole thing is free guys. You cant expect too much. Secondly, Starbucks isnt going to like this attitude, but you dont even have to buy a frap.Take the initiative and you find the card (if its there) right where the previous cards have been for Itunes downloads. I never had a barista hand one of those to me-so I never expected to be given one for this. If the code doesnt work, as well, thats the other thing someone has to fix. Keep trying it.

    • Radiohead007
    • 6/10/2011 6:50 AM

    Update.. I just tried my original code again and it worked! Whatever the technical glitch, it appears they fixed it! Thanks Starbucks and iTunes!! I would say to the rest of you to give your codes another try. As for those wanting an android or zune compatibility, I say get and iPod!!! Enjoy your Friday people!

    • Sgroome
    • 6/10/2011 8:33 AM

    So I tried it just now and it says my code has already been used. I am highly aggravated!!

    • eksaylors
    • 6/10/2011 12:41 PM

    I bought a frap yesterday, but didn't get a card. Didn't get a receipt either. Should I go back to the same store to redeem it?

    • jessicafk11
    • 6/10/2011 3:08 PM

    Bought a frappuccino today. Did not get the card. I do have my receipt though. Now what?

      • SGirl2040
      • 6/10/2011 3:44 PM

      In reply to: jessicafk11

      WTF? Seriously-are some of you that ignorant? If you dont have the download card-then you dont have the code on it to enter into Itunes. If your store doesnt have cards yet-then they dont have them. Youll have to come back when they do. If your code doesnt work-then itunes needs to fix that. Whats hard about that?

    • starbucks starbucks
    • 6/10/2011 4:41 PM

    We apologize for any inconvenience customers may have experienced redeeming their free "10-song Summer Mix" cards. The issue has been resolved, so please re-enter your code on iTunes to redeem your free mix.

    • lightbrnsuga
    • 6/10/2011 8:21 PM

    I have been to 4 different Starbucks since Monday june 6th and none of them gave me the iTunes promo..... Why not???

    • SGirl2040
    • 6/11/2011 12:19 AM

    Is it too much to ask that Starbucks acknowledge that theyve had problems with dispersal of the cards? Customers know this already. The redemption thing wasnt the only issue. Still love ya, but.. :-)

      • greanbeanz
      • 6/11/2011 6:24 AM

      In reply to: SGirl2040

      Why are you so negative? Every few comments is from "SGirl2040" complaining about something. Grow up.

        • SGirl2040
        • 6/11/2011 3:12 PM

        In reply to: greanbeanz

        "so negative?" if youve actually read what Ive written, ive both pointed out positive and negative things about this. Im the one saying to other people that they need to lighten up a little. You get what you pay for sometimes.

    • Mcaffyn
    • 6/11/2011 11:32 AM

    Didn't get the card either, baristas didn't know about it. Maybe I'll try another Starbucks?

    • deepak1538
    • 6/11/2011 2:51 PM

    My store didn't have a download card either. I was told to go to a different store with my receipt who might give me a card only if they have it. I'll keep you posted.

    • americaswing
    • 6/11/2011 4:26 PM

    Try this link:

    • muffinhead912
    • 6/11/2011 7:23 PM

    Obviously, same here. Used my registered card to buy a frap, no code, no nothing. REALLY disappointed at the level of disorganization regarding this promotion...

    • Kassyroo
    • 6/11/2011 11:27 PM

    I also was unable to redeem my code in iTunes. Any suggestions?

    • darcyb66
    • 6/12/2011 11:41 AM

    I bought two yesterday and got nothing :(

    • SGirl2040
    • 6/12/2011 8:27 PM

    Oops-guess Starbucks did acknowledge the problem with some stores not knowing about the promo-OK. :-) (didnt see that) As of Saturday, the same store Ive been to still didnt know, but..whatever. I got mine and it worked from a target Starbucks to begin with. Good luck everyone. keep trying the codes and email customer service-or try the link somebody posted above. Time will tell if all their stores eventually get cards.

    • glassyglitt
    • 6/13/2011 11:04 AM

    I ordered the drink and got the card with NOOoooooo problems. Went home and downloaded it again with NOOooooo problems. Thanks SB for the new music!!

    • 6/13/2011 1:56 PM

    Not sure what all the problems were, but mine worked! I like plain coffee and am generally not a frappuccino person. I was ready to order my usual drip grande when I heard the girl say to the customer ahead of me that she was giving her a card for 10 free itunes songs with her frapppuccino. The customer seemed baffled and not excited about the free gift. But I was! I decided to order a frappuccino too. The card worked with no trouble and I'm happy with my songs! Thanks, Starbucks!

    • mmvuksich
    • 6/13/2011 6:07 PM

    Thanks guys. The 10 song summer mix was having problems the first few days and I invalidated my download code trying to get the mix. You sent me an email letting me know you resolved the problem and reset my download code. I just finished downloading the mix and am listening to the Cold War Kids Skip the Charades. Venti Mocha Frappuccino on the way to work tomorrow!

    • rukamousse
    • 6/14/2011 9:29 AM

    I bought my boyfriend a Frappucino on Friday (June 10) and did not receive a card even though they had little signs out for it. I don't buy Frappucinos for myself very often because they have too much sugar in them for me. :(

    • dessertgirl805
    • 6/14/2011 9:30 AM

    Purchased two this morning and nothing :( Store couldn't find them double :( Any help from corpon this? Still have receipt!

      • springarbormichigan
      • 6/14/2011 11:16 AM

      In reply to: dessertgirl805

      I'm very surprise to see the number of people that did not get the promotional song summer mix through iTunes. It appears that the marketing tool through iTunes or a snag in the system caused a disruption of usually satisifed Starbucks customers. As a student who is currently taking a marketing class I think that Starbucks should have mentioned this issue with a huge apology on their home page somewhere and still left the blog. I do support the benefits Starbucks offer it's employees.

    • Kodyman1
    • 6/15/2011 5:09 AM

    I just bought a frappucino this morning and nothing was even mentioned when I purchased my drink even though the signs were up.

    • shunkzilla
    • 6/15/2011 9:01 AM

    The store was covered in signs advertising the summer downloads, but the baristas were too busy chatting with each other, so maybe that's why I didn't get anything with my frap.

    • mkb11717
    • 6/15/2011 10:40 AM

    I got it to work today!! But you really only need one card, because you can only download those ten songs. So once you have them there is no need for another card because I was not given the option to choose what songs I wanted to download. It just automatically downloads the 10 songs on the card. STARBUCKS- if this is not the case can you let me know how to download other songs?

    • Gaffgirl
    • 6/15/2011 4:01 PM

    Bought a frap free download and they thought I was weird. :( I love the itunes downloads with Starbucks....very sad.

    • wetmorew
    • 6/16/2011 5:22 AM

    Today- to qualify for the summer soundtrack, I got the green tea frappaccino. The cashier didn't initially offer the song mix to me, so I asked for it and he gave me one from behind the register. When I got home to redeem the card, it comes up with the error "The code you entered has already been used." I have to say that based on the poor attitude, service, and general uncared-for environment at "my" starbucks in Miami Springs, FL, I'm not surprised that the staff has

    • LeslieCBailey
    • 6/16/2011 8:17 AM

    I am very confused by this promotion. I purposefully went to Starbucks on my way to the airport for vacation to get a frap to get the songs. I *love* the Starbucks downloads and was very excited to get 1o in a single card. I even have a special *coffee* playlist. I am bummed that I was not given the card and missed this opportunity to enjoy more music. I hope the next promotion is better run.

    • babyloo_23
    • 6/16/2011 7:22 PM

    came on June 7, 9, 10, 13 & 16 (total 5 times) & got NO card. this promotion's really BAD. some thought i was weird. you apologized but didnt fix the problem. that makes no sense. l love starbucks but your customer service, etc have been going down. that really disappointed.

    • 203xmc
    • 6/16/2011 7:52 PM

    I also visited and purchased card! :(

    • cammie90
    • 6/17/2011 1:47 PM

    I went to Starbucks with my daughter about a week and a half ago as well and ordered a blended frap and did not get a card and they knew nothing about it. Still have the receipt. Is there a way to get a card now or do I have to buy another frap? Thanks.Cammie

    • 6/18/2011 12:05 PM

    still waiting...I did get a promo code emailed to me but gee surprise, starbucks sent a code that doesn't work and now after 2 emails and almost 2 weeks still waiting for the fix to the problem. I even went back to get another frap...surprises still keep code! no idea! but they did take my money with a

    • irenepop
    • 6/19/2011 9:07 AM

    On Father's Day (June 19, 2011) I went to Starbucks at 7:00 AM. I ordered a venti Regular Coffee, a Grande Mocha and Pepperment Frap, a Tall Strawberries and Creme Frap and 2 Lemon Scone. The baristas never gave me any promo code to redeem and they weren't even busy....-sign-....disappointed at Starbucks......

    • chochhaus
    • 6/19/2011 10:03 AM

    Just received my summer mix card and can't download the songs either. Has the problem with the downloads really been fixed, or is Starbucks out of the songs already? I've been a faithful Seattle Starbux junkie for decades and have never experienced problems before with any of the promos, but this one seems to be a bust.

    • Jenxen
    • 6/19/2011 11:27 AM

    Starbucks 4th St. Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! San Rafael, CA

    • wsd400
    • 6/19/2011 12:22 PM

    I felt fortunate because I got my card from a Starbucks in a small town. Just redeemed the code. Fortunately I made a note of the 10 songs, because when I went back to check, only 4 songs had downloaded. Of course when I go back and try to put the code back in, it doesn't work.

    • jotajotadsp
    • 6/19/2011 7:02 PM

    wow- I thought I messed up and did something wrong. Turns out NOBODY got the music promised us.

    • xwt612
    • 6/19/2011 7:48 PM

    I went earlier in the week and was told to go online and get the codes. They said they only had the cards for one day, which didn't really sound right since this isn't some NYC / LA Starbucks mind you. So, how does one go about getting these magical working codes?

    • JeanVan
    • 6/20/2011 11:43 AM

    Thank you so much for this free mix, Starbucks!! :) I had no problem downloading anything. I'm really enjoying these songs!

    • Pizzaman101
    • 6/20/2011 2:20 PM

    I was at my Starbucks on Saturday and was not offered a card

    • ivanka40
    • 6/20/2011 6:52 PM

    Purchased a Strab Crmfr today. No card or code. :( Saved my receipt. Waiting for some assistance.

    • LynneF11
    • 6/21/2011 2:47 PM

    Purchased Frap- store was knowledgable of the promotion - had to ask for Playlist Card - but were out of the Playlist Cards :(

    • loverofbucks
    • 6/21/2011 10:43 PM


    • another.voice
    • 6/23/2011 6:26 AM

    Tried redeeming code on card and got the message that the code had already been used - so no free donwload. Bummer.

    • nicolet80
    • 6/23/2011 6:38 PM

    I just came home from buying strawberry &moconut frapp, I wasn't given a playlist card. Bummer!

    • kimi-k
    • 6/25/2011 3:22 PM

    Even though the store near me had a promo sign for the 10-free songs, the barista at the register acted like she knew nothing about the promo. I pointed at the sign, pointed at my frappucino, and she couldn't connect the dots. So no card for me. :-(

    • tiggypup
    • 6/26/2011 8:58 PM

    I bought my Frap today and i wasn't given a card either. I don't twitter can you give me a code via email?

    • pinky1971
    • 6/27/2011 9:22 AM

    I bought a Frapp yesterday at the Starbucks in my Safeway. I seen the promo displayed but was not given a card. I did not realize that I needed to ask for one. I do not have a twitter account only Facebook. Is there any way I can have a code emailed to me? I love the caramel Frapp!

    • audiophile559
    • 6/27/2011 6:58 PM

    My code for this promotion is invalid as well, does anyone know if sb is fixing it?

    • locapoca
    • 6/28/2011 6:18 AM

    I didn't receive a card either. :(

    • juliecanaday
    • 6/28/2011 3:45 PM

    Bought 3 Frapps today and no card. Guy at the window had no clue. If you could email me the code, it would be much appreciated!

    • Tryphyn
    • 6/29/2011 8:08 AM

    With all the negative comments, i wanted to point out that (while I did have to ask for the card), I had absolutely no problem getting it off of iTunes. It downloaded without any major snags, and is now sitting in iTunes as its own playlist. Thanks Starbuscks! :)

    • hokiegal2k
    • 7/1/2011 10:22 AM

    I purchased a frappucino today at the Fairfax City, VA store and I did not receive a download code. Neither did my 2 co-workers who also purchased frapps. Is the promotion over?

    • kdcapps
    • 7/2/2011 6:29 AM

    Yesterday, I purchased a Coffee Soy Frapp and the barista was great but failed to give me a card. I saw the advert as I walked in but forgot to ask for it. Anyway to still get the download?

    • gauriemma
    • 7/2/2011 8:33 AM

    So, maybe I'm missing something, but at downtown Chicago Starbucks' stores, the cards are just on display: You don't need to buy anything. You aren't even limited to taking just one. In most locations, they aren't even near the registers—they're over by the milk and sugar area. If your card didn't work for some reason, go grab a couple more. One of them is bound to work.

    • kmstier
    • 7/2/2011 9:50 AM

    I'm guessing that the poor barista's are just out of the loop. I keep forgetting to ask for the card when I go in and none is offered--shelton, CT. Is there a way to get the code connected to my gold card?

    • jcmarxgar
    • 7/6/2011 7:45 AM

    I got a card to redeem on ITunes but once I enter de Download Code, it doesn't accept it. Could you please send me a new code that works to email?

    • emilyk78
    • 7/7/2011 6:16 AM

    My code isn't working, either. Says it's already been redeemed :(

    emilypark78 at gmail dot com


    • mollyn2003
    • 7/7/2011 7:28 AM

    I bought fraps 2 different times at two different stores on July 1 and July 3. Never recieved a card. Could I please get the codes emailed to me?

    mollyn2003 at gmail dot com


    • colleen.hennessey
    • 7/7/2011 5:40 PM

    I noticed the sign within the store promoting the mix, but it didn't say anything about how to get it, so I came online to google it. Turns out I should have gotten a card with my drink order (a coconut mocha frap). Is there any additional way to get the code online with proof of purchase?

    • mapitar
    • 7/13/2011 11:15 AM

    I have been twice to 2 different Starbucks in San Juan, PR, bought mocha coconut frappuccinos and asked about code cards and they don't know about them. Could you send me a code?

    mapitar at yahoo dot com


    • asenta
    • 7/14/2011 7:44 AM

    My code does not work. What gives? I am doing it correctly - I use your codes all the time.

    • alysutch
    • 8/8/2011 2:41 PM

    Could I please get the code emailed to me as well.

    • KurtWM
    • 4/8/2012 2:47 PM

    I bought a Caramel Macchiato at a Starbucks in a Super Target in Marietta, Georgia and the barista handed me a "10 Songs for Summer" gift card when I checked out. Both me and my two young boys LOVE all ten songs. Whoever made the song selection did a fantastic job! We made an iTunes playlist out of the songs and when we went on a beach trip a few weeks later we played those songs over and over. I hope Starbucks is going to do the promotion again this year! (I had no trouble with the download)

    • darla55
    • 5/12/2013 5:25 PM

    Yea, I bought LOTS of frappucinos, the summer of 2011. No one ever gave ME the free tunes.

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