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Find All Kinds at the Crossroads

Names like Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison and Fleetwood Mac are instantly recognizable. They’re musical institutions who’ve endured, rising and falling through the decades but never vanishing from the public eye.

Take Stewart, for example. He’s been a rock star, a pop superstar and, of late, an interpreter of standards of the George Gershwin/Irving Berlin variety. He’s featured on our new Blues-Rock Crossroads compilation (as are all the aforementioned artists) in his earliest popular incarnation – as a new arrival reared on rock ‘n’ roll but captivated by the blues.

There are more obscure names featured in the set beyond the Joplins, Vaughans and Allmans who set the standard for a late ‘60s hybrid that’s proven to have real staying power. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve got some Blodwyn Pig on your iPod. And the likes of the Electric Flag, Spooky Tooth and Savoy Brown may have tasted fame in their day, but it was fleeting, at best.

Those may be fairly obscure bands, but they’re part of the story Blues-Rock Crossroads tells. It’s something we try to do with these collections – dive below the surface and bring up important music that might otherwise fade from memory.

In this case, you’ve got to go a little out of the way to arrive at the crossroads. But that makes the trip all the more rewarding.

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