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Did You Get a Starbucks Card for Christmas?

The chances are pretty good that you did – probably along with a lot of other gift cards, too!

Because people love to get gift cards this time of year, and shoppers love to get them. According to this article, nearly $25 billion will be spent on cards this holiday season, and they’re the most requested gift item – even more than that hot new tech device or toy. And older surveys say that more than two-thirds of all shoppers plan to give gift cards during the holidays.

So, as I said, chances are pretty good you got a Starbucks Card. Now what to do with it?

First of all – use it! Did you know that as many as 10% of all gift cards go unused? What a sad waste of a perfectly nice gift!

Second of all – reuse it! While many gift cards are over once they’re used up, Starbucks Cards are reloadable. And when you register your card, you sign up for My Starbucks Rewards, where you can earn nice little benefits and free drinks for continuing to use your Starbucks Card.

Finally, if you got more than one card – you popular person, you – then you might want to transfer the balances from all of them to the one card you’d like to keep. (We promise we won’t tell those folks who gave you the also-rans.) It’s nice to get Starbucks Cards from all your friends, but let’s face it – a wallet can only hold so many cards!

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