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Crafting Artisan Bread

Have you ever tried to bake for a big get together? It can be pretty rough and I get overwhelmed with all the ingredients to bake for ten. Try baking for our most loyal customers all over the US every day! Since 2008 when we launched our new Artisan Breakfast Sandwiches La Brea Bakery, local to Van Nuys, California, has been baking all our Artisan rolls using only the finest ingredients.

And now we are adding a new sandwich to the already delicious line up - Veggie, Egg & Monterey Jack. This sandwich was inspired by our customers on MyStarbucksIdea and is a new personal favorite of John Yamin – he’s the CEO at La Brea Bakery. While his expertise is bread – he loves the fire-roasted veggies in the egg frittata and any bread aficionado loves cheese so this sandwich is right up his alley!

“Starbucks’ and La Brea Bakery’s Culinary team partnered together to design a truly authentic, hand crafted roll that has become the signature bread for Starbucks’ Artisan Breakfast Sandwiches. Each roll is made with the highest quality ingredients, but the unique ingredient that sets this roll apart from other brands is the starter. All of La Brea Bakery’s breads are made with the original starter our founder first created back in 1988, giving our breads their distinct flavor. The other great thing about Artisan bread is the craftsmanship that goes into finding just the right combination - from the golden crust to the slightly sweet and soft interior and free forming shape, it is culinary creativity at its best. And, each Starbucks Artisan Roll is hand-scored by our bakers – as you can imagine that’s a LOT of scoring.

We’re very proud of our partnership with Starbucks and their dedication to quality. Next time you’re at your local Starbucks getting coffee, I encourage you to try an Artisan Breakfast Sandwich and experience the difference.“

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