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Come Rain or Come Shine

Ella Fitzgerald’s voice – happy, full and floating – has long been one we’ve fallen in love to. One of the greatest singers of the 20th century, the “First Lady of Song” had a voice both powerful and exhilarating.

On our Opus Collection, Let’s Fall In Love, Ella’s work – from perfect swing numbers to her classic definitive ballads – and her magnificent voice are showcased in a variety of settings. She had the ability to blend in perfectly with orchestras, adding her voice like the most natural of instrumental complements. A terrific scat singer, who could improvise a melody as well as any instrumentalist, her creativity knew no bounds and her voice filled songs with consummate happiness for the entire 63 years of her career.

Her spirited delivery always fit the mood of a particular song – sometimes girlish, sometimes sophisticated, but always flawless. To every song she brought strikingly gorgeous phrasing that was full of life, illuminating the nuances of a song with technical precision and emotional mastery.

She sang the songs of the century with the best musicians of the century, and, in turn, became the singer of the century.

Into each life a little music must fall. And one more collection (in stores now) that could use a little love is Save It For a Rainy Day.

It features some of our favorite songs to accompany those days when your mood may not be bright and neither is the weather. Rufus Wainwright croons “Across the Universe” with haunting grace, echoing John Lennon’s cosmic vibe. Beck delivers a perfect blend of country twang tinged with you-can’t-always-get-what-you-want resignation on “The Golden Age.” Jose González strums some spellbinding folk-pop on “Stay in the Shade” and there’s a tender introspective ballad called “I Will Remember You” from Sarah McLachlan. The patter and hush of rain create a rhythm of their own, though it’s a sound for which we prefer to have a few additional songs on hand.

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