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Colbie Calliat, California Girl

A couple of weeks back, I posted something here about Bon Iver’s Jason Vernon – a product of my home state of Wisconsin and, in many ways, a reflection of that part of the country. The guy wrote an album’s worth of songs while holed up in his father’s far-north hunting cabin, after all.

Colbie Calliat is another rising star whose sound very much reflects her upbringing. Calliat’s appearance and music have sun-kissed qualities one associates with the California coast and, indeed, she was born in Malibu. Her father, producer/engineer Ken Calliat, played a vital role in shaping some of the records that define the California sound, notably Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours.

The singer-songwriter initially caused a stir as a MySpace phenomenon, which led to 2007’s Coco, her hit debut album. Which was followed by 2009’s Breakthrough, another big seller. Which brings us to the brand-new All of You.

The 26-year-old’s music inevitably inspires a string of pacific adjectives – breezy, mellow, sweet, serene – and her latest, she’s told Billboard magazine, is “more uptempo” and a “full-on summer album.” In other words, it’s perfectly timed for August, with tracks like the snappy single “I Do” and “Brighter Than the Sun” evoking a cruise down Highway 1 with the top down and the stereo blasting.

In short, it’s Malibu set to music.

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    • josemedeiros
    • 8/5/2011 2:30 PM

    I just love her music. Colbie Calliat is so pretty, she reminds me of a younger version of Jennifer Aniston, before her fame went to her head and she had all that plastic surgery. Fleetwood Mac's Rumors was my first music Album, I won it by calling into KLIV in San Jose, when I in the sixth grade, and I was home sick one day, and I did not even have a phonograph to play it on.

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