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Coffee trees in our offices

Hello coffee folk.
My name is Patty Romaine-Moody.  I am a green coffee quality specialist here at Starbucks and have a strong passion for coffee knowledge all the way through the supply chain; from the “Farmer to the Customer”.

My office mates were a little shook up today when they noticed that one of our very very large coffee trees was ‘stumped’ almost to the soil level (see pictures).  Well I am here to share a little understanding around “Pruning”.  So let the brief Agronomy lesson begin.

In addition here are a couple of other reasons why pruning is essential:

  • Coffee ‘cherry’ does not grow in the same spot twice.
  • Older branches and shoots need to be trimmed so the tree will not waste precious resources continuing the growth/nurturing of this unnecessary excess.
  • When coffee trees are growing on a farm they are generally kept trimmed down to around 5-6 feet for ease of access during harvesting. 


Check out some more information on our C.A.F.E. practices and agronomy here.

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