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Cheese Makes Everything Better

As one of many “foodies” on the Starbucks Food Team, I am constantly on the lookout for fun, food-related events to explore. A little while back I attended the annual Cheese-a-Topia event hosted by the American Cheese Society.

To say that I am a lover of cheese is an understatement. Stepping into the Cheese-a-Topia ballroom was like walking into a giant slice of heaven. The room was filled with a cheesy aroma. Dozens of tables all around the room were mounded with heaps of cheese in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Each table represented a specific type of cheese, such as Gouda or Cheddar – two of my personal favorites. Over 1,400 cheeses were at the event, but I managed to taste only about 20 before I hit sensory overload.

What I adore most about cheese is how it perks up anything you eat with it. Take our Artisan Breakfast Sandwiches – I love the way the Parmesan cheese perks up the egg frittata and creates the savory, fluffy essence of the sandwich. In my favorite Artisan Sandwich, a tasty slice of Gouda offers a creamy contrast to the crispy bacon – a delight to my taste buds.

Each of our breakfast sandwiches features a different kind of cheese, so there’s an option for almost every cheese lover. And, just like the American Cheese Society competition, the cheeses in our breakfast sandwiches are all sourced from our very own country. Now that’s a delicious cheesy breakfast you can sink your teeth into!

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