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Café Con Música

At Nacional Records, we’re thrilled that Starbucks is carrying our exclusive compilation of Latin alternative music Cafe con Musica. It’s a 16-track album, in both Spanish and English, featuring a diverse group of artists like the Colombian fusion act Aterciopelados, hip hop artist Ana Tijoux and electronic DJs Nortec Collective.

Nacional Records focuses on the music world that is sometimes called 'Latin,' sometimes 'bilingual' and sometimes 'World' – but can always be called ‘cool.’ I have always wished there was one name for this music. Words like jazz, hip hop, salsa and heavy metal are all so perfect for their genres. Each gives you a flag to fly. 

We have many different types of rock bands, hip hop in all shapes and sizes, and even jazz, but with the genres we champion, we always seem to need a full sentence to say what it is - as it can be so many different things. We’ve signed talented artists from the Bronx, San Francisco and Barcelona. We’ve signed 11-piece bands from Uruguay and electronic maestros from Tijuana and Chile.

Over the years, I’ve bought Starbucks compilations that have gone on to be often-played favorites of mine. I’ve discovered radio classics – donning two-toned shoes swinging to Benny Goodman – and been turned on to new artists on well-curated collections. I’m excited that from June 19 to July 17 you can pop into a participating Starbucks or online Starbucks store to purchase a  Nacional Records compilation.

In the liner notes, we’ve included a bit about each artist and the worlds and genres that they all come from.  They each have something different and interesting to share. Let us know what you think. 

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    • johnkeyman
    • 2/14/2013 12:01 PM

    let's face it no one can stand the music they play at starbucks and it's played so loud that you have to wear headphones if you want sit down for any length of time.

    • 1/3/2014 2:15 AM

    look good

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