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Café Estima Blend® – What a Gift

Café Estima Blend® is close to my heart. Not only is it my favorite coffee, but it was also launched in 2005, the same year I was privileged to give birth to my son Jeremiah!

It’s a Fair Trade Certified™ blend of Latin American and African coffees. It has this soft citrus flavor, velvety smooth texture, and it goes great with my creamer because of its low acidity.

Every morning my husband gets up and makes me coffee – what a gift. I hear the water boiling, the grinder grinding, the timer timing, and I smell the aroma. The best part is when he hands the coffee cup to me. There is something in the moment when his hand leaves the cup that brings me to tears – it is the love he has for me that gives him the pleasure of making my coffee.

What went in to bringing this coffee to my home? I think of the many stories I have heard of the farmers who work so hard to grow the coffee and harvest the cherries. I think of the roasters in our plants who took care to ensure the coffee is roasted to our highest standards. I think of the barista who ordered and stocked that shelf with my favorite beans so I could take them home! I am proud to drink this coffee, not just because my husband makes it for me, but for the many human hands it took to bring it here so I could have that moment with him.

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