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Bursting with Blueberries

As a kid, I always tried to sneak in extra ingredients while baking: chocolate chips in the cookies and blueberries in the blueberry muffins.  I figured if it was a yummy ingredient the more the better, which makes our new Bountiful Blueberry Muffin a deliciously tasty idea.

Of course my technique did have some pitfalls, namely unstirrable batters and exploding muffins in the oven.  Thankfully our master muffin baker was better prepared to take on the challenge of packing our muffin full of blueberries.

After many batches and a fancy, new blueberry depositor (a super-technical bakery tool that has an extra wide nozzle to distribute blueberries throughout the batter), our new muffin now has 20% more blueberries which we think is even more delicious! Have you tried it yet? Tell us what you think!

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