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Breakin’ New Sound 2 - Electric Boogaloo

I know, right? Was just listening to the Hollies’ classic 1974 songamajig “The Air I Breathe” (first recorded by Phil Everly) and had this sudden realization (and a rather pleasant one to boot) that it was remarkably similar to Radiohead’s “Creep.”

Did some research and sure enough, the Hollies are credited. Never knew that. I mentioned it to my esteemed co-worker, Kelly, and she remarked that it also turns into ABBA meets George Harrison halfway through. Indeed. It’s part of what makes Radiohead so great.

Different songs, sure, but seriously, it’s all there, give ‘em both a listen (and check out the cool visuals). First, Radiohead. Then the Hollies.

Gotta mention a new album we’re featuring in our stores. Broken Bells. It’s a marvelous meeting of two highly-coveted artists who’ve long admired each other’s work and finally made a collabo happen. James Mercer (of indie darlings the Shins) + producer/musician Danger Mouse (of Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz) = Broken Bells. Not sure if this record will “change your life” in the same way as that first Shins longplayer, but it certainly sounds crazy great. Danger Shins will be dropping in stores on March 9.

Check out the fantastic first single, “The High Road,” which sounds like a hip-hop-infused Supertramp anthem played over a high-scoring game of Donkey Kong. And, trust me, that’s a good thing!

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