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Band of Horses – Evolution of Equus

In the course of my research on the act Band of Horses, I discovered that their evolutionary development (begun around 54 million years ago) mostly occurred in North America. They were pioneers in eating grass. It proved to be a smart “grazing” strategy, increasing their longevity much more than if they’d maintained their original style of “browsing” leaves.

For some reason however, they disappeared from the North and South American scenes until being re-introduced to Seattle, Washington, by Spanish globetrotters sometime in the new Millennium (c. 2004). Who knew? Somethin’ to do with frontman Ben Bridwell and co. roamin’ far and wide while hangin’ with that killer conquistador, Cortés (no, that wasn’t a Neil Young reference, but it is now). I won’t get into jineta-style saddles at the moment, but I’d ask that you do a certain amount of tacking up for Infinite Arms. It’s the masterful new record from Band of Horses.

I thought they might never top the majestic power of their debut, 2005’s Everything All The Time, but they have indeed transcended it on only their third outing. Recorded in Minnesota and South Carolina (where Bridwell’s originally from and lives now), it’s 12 incomparable songs of indie rock Americana, led by the lush first cut, “Factory.”

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s tough not to fall in love with a song (and album) that begins with the simple, yet strangely compelling, line: “The elevator in the hotel lobby has a lazy door.” Followed by the further lyrics: “An hour later I was thinkin’ it over by the snack machine. I thought about you and a candy bar.”

It’s a nifty little package they’ve put together, which includes an assortment of rustic photographs from Christopher Wilson.

And for an additional BofH extra, check out the gorgeously shot video for “On My Way Back Home”.

(Just wondering: would this band have been as successful if they’d called themselves Gaggle of Geese? Herd of Alpacas? Coalition of Cheetahs? Kindle of Kittens? A Flock of Seagulls? Oh, wait. Never underestimate the power of a good animal-minded reference when brainstorming band names.)

You can embrace Infinite Arms when it hits our stores on May 18.

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