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December 2011

It’s a December Tradition, Charlie Brown

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Imagine it’s 1965 and you’re a television executive viewing a prospective holiday special for the first time. It’s based on a comic strip that’s popular, but…hey, it’s just a comic strip. The story progresses at an almost uncomfortably slow pace and springs from the misery and misfortune of the main character, who muses in the first scene: “I like getting presents and sending Christmas cards and decorating trees and all that, but I'm still not happy. I always end up feeling depressed.”

Not exactly the feel-good cartoon of the season.

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Starbucks® Cake Pop Kit – Try Something New

Starbucks Cake Pop Kit

This year we’ve put together the craftiest holiday treat, the Cake Pop Kit! You’ve tasted these sweet treats in our stores, now make your very own delicious seasonal cake pops together with family, friends and neighbors in the warmth of your own home.

Each kit contains easy step-by-step directions along with almost all the ingredients you’ll need to make 12 cake pops: vanilla cake mix, vanilla frosting, peppermint candy toppings, red sprinkles and most importantly, the sticks! (You'll also need water, oil and an egg.)

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Cocoa Touches Our Hearts

Starbucks partners with organizations to promote a sustainable cocoa economy by providing cocoa farmers with the tools they need to grow more and better cocoa, market it successfully, and earn greater profits.

Last month we traveled to Ghana, the second largest cocoa producer in the world. Starbucks is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, an organization that promotes a sustainable cocoa economy by providing cocoa farmers with the tools they need to grow more and better cocoa, market it successfully, and earn greater profits.

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Ode to Christmas Blend

Starbucks Christmas Blend roasts

The holiday season is undeniably here, and that means our cups are full of spicy, sweet and cedary Christmas Blend. If you haven’t had any this year, don’t worry. There’s still time and plenty of options.

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Bring Your Favorites Home for the Holidays

Enjoy a $5 Starbucks Card when  you bring your favorite coffee home.

This year we’re giving back when you stock up on your favorite Starbucks coffees to enjoy with friends and family over the holidays. Now through December 31 when you purchase three packages of Starbucks® coffee or Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew (or a combination of the two) while shopping at your local grocery store you’ll earn a $5 Starbucks Card that you can use to treat yourself or a friend at your neighborhood Starbucks store.

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Baby, It’s Cool Outside for She & Him

A very She & Him Christmas

A recent addition to the parade of annual holiday programming (A Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life A Christmas Story and stop-motion classics like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer) is 2003’s Elf. The movie stars Will Ferrell as Buddy, an orphaned Santa’s helper who leaves the North Pole to find his father in New York City.

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Best Apps of 2011? Starbucks for iPhone App is on the List

Starbucks for iPhone App

We’re honored to learn that Starbucks for iPhone App was named one of this year’s best apps in the App Store Rewind 2011! Allow us to pass along a huge thank you to all of our friends for the endless inspiration you’ve provided. We’re committed to transforming your experience in the digital space and thankful for all of the ideas you share with us daily.

Please continue to share your thoughts with the Starbucks mobile team at We look forward to bringing more mobile innovations to life!

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Starbucks Coffee Bags Get a New Look

New Starbucks coffee packaging

Noticed a change in the appearance of our coffee packaging in Starbucks stores? One of the many things we do in Starbucks Global Creative is create the artwork and designs you see on those packages.

We all know how confusing it can be to shop the coffee aisle at the grocery store. Our new coffee packaging makes it easier to find your favorite coffee or discover a new one you might enjoy because our coffees are now categorized by roast – each with its own color mark (yellow, orange and purple). Now you can easily find the roast you like (Blonde, Medium or Dark) and the blend you like within that roast. These new pearlescent white bags are already showing up in our retail stores and will be in grocery aisles everywhere by mid-February where they will proudly stand out on the shelf.

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A Subscription of Six Special Coffees

This is practically magic. Into a tiny festive gift box, we’ve crammed six special coffees. How, you ask? Believe it or not, it’s simpler than it sounds. Inside each of  these cute little boxes is a specially designed Starbucks Card, redeemable for one Starbucks® Traditions Tour.  The lucky recipient uses the card to redeem the gift online.

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