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May 2011

Happy Hour Returns 2011

Starbucks Happy Hour, May 6-15, 3-5 p.m.

Frappuccino® blended beverage lovers, we heard you – and we are excited to announce the return of Happy Hour to Starbucks!

Starting May 6, 2011 and running through May 15, 2011 come into participating stores between 3-5 p.m. for a half-price Frappuccino® blended beverage of your choice.

This year we really want you to mix it up! Customize your drink to be just the way you want it. You can flavor it up with an old favorite like caramel, enjoy a new dynamic duo like our Mocha Coconut Frappuccino® blended beverage or make any combination of flavor offerings. Mix up your milk with 2%, nonfat or soy. Coffee it up with an extra pump of coffee or a shot of espresso. And don’t forget to top it off with a little bit of fun in the form of whipped cream, drizzles or sprinkles.

We hope to see you there. For a daily Happy Hour text message reminder, text MIXIT (standard text & data rates may apply) to 44264 (In Canada text MIXIT to 98075). Afternoons just got a little sweeter!

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Every Mother Counts: Christy’s Voice

Christy Turlington Burns

We asked guest blogger Christy Turlington Burns to describe the creation of the Every Mother Counts CD from her point of view. Christy’s documentary about worldwide maternal health, No Woman, No Cry, airs on May 7 at 9:30 p.m. EST/PST on the OWN Network.

It was exactly this time last spring when I woke up early to get my kids off to school and head back into the edit room to finish, No Woman, No Cry. Our deadline was looming as the Tribeca Film Festival was literally upon us, where we were slated to premiere the film (after nearly 2 years of hard work).

As was my usual routine, I scrolled through emails. I gulped my coffee down and nearly choked when I noticed an email had come in from Howard Schultz. I had met Howard briefly in fall 2009 at the home of a mutual friend and was surprised to hear from him.

Howard’s email to me read more or less like: “… it has come to my attention that you are currently making a documentary about maternal health and Starbucks would like to find a way to support your work” …

This was one of those emails that you read several times to be sure you have read what you think you have read. I responded immediately with a very enthusiastic, yet somewhat controlled, “Yes, I would very much welcome an opportunity to partner with Starbucks for maternal health.”

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The Original Three Region Blend is Back!

Three Region Blend

Starbucks Tribute Blend™ is a great blend of coffees. The aged Sumatra component, a cornerstone of our most popular offerings, mixes beautifully with other coffees from Latin America and Africa/Arabia to make a great cup.

You may be asking yourself though – which Starbucks blend was the first to venture down the delicious path of combining coffees from all three growing regions: Latin America, Africa/Arabia and Asia/Pacific? Here’s a hint. It wasn’t our Starbucks Tribute Blend™.

Instead, it’s the aptly named Three Region Blend that owns the coveted OTRB (Original Three Region Blend) title from Starbucks. It’s a wonderful blend of coffees from East Africa, Central America and Papua New Guinea with lush floral and herbal notes.

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Seattle: 700 Neighbors Spruced Up Schools and Parks

Seattle Month of Service community event

For the final event of the Starbucks Global Month of Service, partners and community members from Seattle and surrounding communities joined together to benefit the Mount Baker neighborhood. The rain stayed away and some sun came through, helping to fuel the excitement of the volunteers.

Through the help of over 700 partners, customers and community members, projects were completed at John Muir Elementary School, Franklin High School, Cheasty Greenspace, Mount Baker Park and Estelle Street P-Patch.

Were you there? Tell us your favorite part!

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A Rwandan Coffee Worthy of Attention

Rwanda Gakenke Fair Trade Certified™

The coffees from Rwanda have been winning awards and capturing the attention of coffee enthusiasts around the world. We feel our latest Starbucks Reserve™ coffee, Rwanda Gakenke Fair Trade Certified™, is especially worthy of our attention – and yours too.

Gakenke is the district located in the central highlands of Rwanda’s Northern Province. The cooperative that provided this coffee is comprised of roughly 4,400 small holder farms. In that mix are about 300 women who contributed. It’s exciting to see more women smallholders emerging in a landscape traditionally held by men. It feels good knowing this coffee is a collaborative effort shared by community.

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Booker T. Gets Back to Roots

Booker T. Jones

There’s a grand tradition of distinguished veterans and younger admirers pairing up to make inspired music that’s reflected in the new album from soul icon Booker T. Jones of MG’s fame.

The Road from Memphis (now available at Starbucks) finds the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer teamed with powerhouse Philly hip-hoppers the Roots, who complement Booker T.’s sinewy organ lines a la the MG’s on ‘60s instrumental grooves like “Time Is Tight” and “Hang ‘em High.” Meanwhile, guest vocalists Sharon Jones, Yim Yames from My Morning Jacket, Matt Berninger from the National and Lou Reed add diversity and flair to the mix.

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Vancouver: Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Starbucks Month of Service event in Vancouver, British Columbia

On Saturday, April 30, more than 350 Starbucks partners and neighbors in Vancouver, British Columbia, worked hand-in-hand to revitalize the Strathcona Community Centre. It was a day of inspiration, action and celebration – all demonstrating the power of people coming together for good.

Volunteers renovated gardens, including the Centre’s “Sunshine Patch” – see the before and after photos! They also created an education area, painted a mural and built secure storage solutions.

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Shanghai: Community Helps Transform Gumei

Starbucks Global Month of Service project in Shanghai

As part of our Shanghai Leadership Conference, more than 650 Starbucks partners (employees) from across China participated in our Global Month of Service in the Gumei community of Shanghai’s Minhang District. The partners were joined in their efforts by 100 members of the community. Starbucks partnered with Charyou to identify the service projects for the Shanghai event. Starbucks and Charyou have also produced community events in four other Chinese cities including Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing and Guangzhou.

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Recycling Bins in British Columbia

Starbucks recycling bins in British Columbia

If you’ve visited one of our company-owned stores in British Columbia lately, hopefully you’ve seen our new front of store recycling containers!

We were able to place containers in almost all stores, although unfortunately there were a few in towns that still don’t have recycling service for businesses. Also, some of our landlords do not provide recycling service to their buildings, so stores in those locations can’t recycle. Starbucks is the first restaurant to accept disposable coffee cups for recycling in B.C., and it’s a big step towards meeting our goal to have recycling bins in all our stores by 2015.

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