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What Your Bagel Says About Your Mood

When you’re picking out a bagel, how do you choose? Do you always pick the same kind, or do you venture into new bagel territory? Maybe it depends on your mood. Which of these best fits the way you feel today?

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Parfait Personified

Did you know that your Peach Raspberry Yogurt Parfait eating method makes a profound statement about yourself?

This is not an accident. Oh no. This is an inkblot test for tastebud awareness. It’s four tantalizing components, strategically layered in the cup and awaiting self-expression!

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Try Our New High-Protein Breakfast Wrap


Just in time to help you reach your goals after the New Year, we’ve added a new wholesome breakfast option in our stores. Inspired by your requests to see more nutritious options, the product development team went to work and came through with the Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap.

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Starbucks® Cake Pop Kit – Try Something New

Starbucks Cake Pop Kit

This year we’ve put together the craftiest holiday treat, the Cake Pop Kit! You’ve tasted these sweet treats in our stores, now make your very own delicious seasonal cake pops together with family, friends and neighbors in the warmth of your own home.

Each kit contains easy step-by-step directions along with almost all the ingredients you’ll need to make 12 cake pops: vanilla cake mix, vanilla frosting, peppermint candy toppings, red sprinkles and most importantly, the sticks! (You'll also need water, oil and an egg.)

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From Pumpkin Patch to Bakery: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin

Pumpkin Spice Latte isn’t the only pumpkin in the family – have you ever met (or tried) PSL’s tasty cousin, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin? This tasty treat is filled with delectable cream cheese frosting and topped with candied pumpkin seeds, and has the same great warm spice flavor you love.

While PSL is our most famous pumpkin flavored treat, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin is just as delicious. Read on to discover some not-so-well-known facts about this muffin.

  • Pumpkins get their red-orange color from the pigment known as beta carotene. Telling yourself this helps you enjoy the rich, creamy indulgence even more.

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Straight Out of New York

New York Style Everything with Cheese Bagel

All over the country and on My Starbucks Idea we’ve heard you’re craving New York style bagels – with that signature, slightly crisp outside and soft and chewy inside.

Now our bagels are better than ever. Straight out of New York, our new bagels have the authentic texture you want and the delicious taste you crave.

While many of us agree that New York bagels are the best, the real question is “How do you eat them?” We promise we won’t judge – you can enjoy your bagel any way you want! Here are the most popular ways to enjoy a Starbucks New York style bagel:

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The Perfect Summer Ice Cream

Starbucks Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino® ice cream

July is National Ice Cream Month – and our delicious Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino® ice cream is back in grocery stores for a limited time. It’s the perfect summer treat: real strawberries blended with rich and creamy vanilla and strawberry ice creams. Simply delicious!

At, you can find information about which local grocery stores carry our ice creams, along with recipes featuring our decadent flavors. My favorite recipe right now is for Strawberry Frappuccino® Ice Cream Sandwiches, but a close second is the Java Chip Sandwiches.

We encourage you to treat yourself, share with friends and family and then let us know your favorite recipe. Enjoy!

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Three Reasons Why I Love Bistro Boxes

I’ll admit it – it’s seriously hard to make good food choices when you’re busy. It always feels like I have to make a tough choice: will it be quick or will I feel good? And since I am already making admissions … sometimes I choose the wrong one. You know the wrong choice (we’ve all made them!), where you sacrifice speed for something that resembles food.

Our newest additions, Bistro Boxes, finally make these choices easy. Now you can enjoy fast, delicious wholesome food with whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. And the super-cute box makes it easy to take wherever you are off to – your next meeting, in the car or hopefully the beach!

When you can recognize the food you’re eating its easy to know you’ve made a good choice, but you can also feel good about the fact we’ve crafted all Bistro Boxes to be less than 500 calories.

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Cake, Cookie or Pie?

Starbucks Whoopie Pie

Our new Red Velvet Whoopie Pie is a tasty treat filled with cream cheese frosting and topped with hand piped chocolate drizzle. But what is it exactly: a cake, cookie or pie?

The debate over whoopie pie’s identity has been going on long enough! I asked several Starbucks food experts to plead their case.

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The Inside Scoop on Cake Pops

Did you believe confectionary elves were behind our newest delectable treat, the Cake Pop? Well, Chris C. is the lead product developer on Starbucks Petites, and while he’s no confectionary elf, he did an amazing job here. I chatted with him about our latest treat to get the inside scoop on how it made it from his mind to your mouth. 

Question: Why Cake Pops?
Answer: A Cake Pop solves the ever lasting question of how to make cake portable – it’s whimsical, fun and delicious cake on a stick. What’s not to like? This has been an emerging trend popping up in specialty bake shops, on blogs like Bakerella and even touted by Martha Stewart. Because cake pops require a very gentle, handmade process to roll, dip and decorate, they prove very difficult to make on a large scale. I have to credit Lisa B., our food R&D manger, for championing this idea. Between our bakery partner, Lisa, and myself, we were able to create a high-quality experience. Everyone can now eat cake on the go!   

Question:  How did you pick the flavors?
Answer: To celebrate our 40Th year a Birthday Cake Pop was a must. The Tiramisu Cake Pop spoke to our coffee heritage and the Rocky Road Cake Pop was just a fun flavor we thought people would like.

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