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Sir Paul the Crooner

Paul McCartney - Kisses from the Bottom

I was watching an iTunes webcast of Paul McCartney performing songs from his new album live from Capitol Studios in Hollywood when I realized that something was a little…off.

The hands! Paul wasn’t holding a guitar or bass and that’s just not what he’s used to.

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A Night with Leonard Cohen

A few months ago, I received an invitation in the mail from Columbia Records to hear the new Leonard Cohen album “Old Ideas” played at the home of the Canadian consulate in Los Angeles – Leonard in attendance.

I’ve been a disciple of Leonard’s music and poetry since 1968 when his first record, Songs of Leonard Cohen, was released. Attending meant I would be paying for my travel from Seattle to Los Angeles out of pocket. But I told myself: “You want to do this, so go and do it! You’ll never get this chance again.”

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…Still Blowin’ in the Wind


Bob Dylan has been famous for so long that it’s easy to forget how he first became famous. It wasn’t as a recording artist or performer, but as a songwriter.

His self-titled debut album appeared 50 years ago this spring and failed to generate much attention, except among some industry insiders, some of whom dubbed it “Hammond’s folly,” a jab at John Hammond, the legendary producer/label exec/talent scout who brought the barely-out-of-his-teens Dylan to Columbia Records.

Preparing material for his second album, Dylan penned an anti-war tune that came to the attention of th

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No Lack of Bacharach


Music by Bacharach features 16 prime recordings associated with a man whose name is synonymous with a certain kind of complex yet assessable pop music.

Burt Bacharach transcends the role as a behind-the-scenes songsmith. Despite the fact that he didn’t sing much and mostly worked in the service of others, Bacharach was a ‘60s star. He hosted prime-time television specials, was pictured on magazine covers and, with his wife at the time—screen star Angie Dickinson—appeared in a series of commercials (“Say yes!”).


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Precious Moments to Wind Down


At last, it’s time to log off. You do the 21st century equivalent of punching the clock and face what remains of the day. It’s time to uncoil a bit and music is a vital part of the process.

Our Timothy J. has put together the brand new Wind Down, a selection of a dozen songs that say “day is done.” Bearing a striking nightscape cover, the CD offers up choice gems by Thievery CorporationMoby,Groove Armada and other modern music innovators. It’s a forum for music with an electronic undercurrent that’s suited for taking things down a notch. Dating from the late 1990s to 2011, these warmly buzzing tracks capture the heyday of international electronica, whether you call it nu jazz, ambient or whatever.

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New Starbucks Perks in the UK!



Good news! Our mobile payment program is now available to our friends in the UK through the official iPhone application from Starbucks!

This new functionality is a great addition to all the other services already available on the Starbucks for iPhone app in the United Kingdom. The app can also  be used to manage your Starbucks Card account, reload your card, transfer balances between cards, find nearby stores and explore Starbucks products and offers.

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Best Apps of 2011? Starbucks for iPhone App is on the List

Starbucks for iPhone App

We’re honored to learn that Starbucks for iPhone App was named one of this year’s best apps in the App Store Rewind 2011! Allow us to pass along a huge thank you to all of our friends for the endless inspiration you’ve provided. We’re committed to transforming your experience in the digital space and thankful for all of the ideas you share with us daily.

Please continue to share your thoughts with the Starbucks mobile team at We look forward to bringing more mobile innovations to life!

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It’s a December Tradition, Charlie Brown

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Imagine it’s 1965 and you’re a television executive viewing a prospective holiday special for the first time. It’s based on a comic strip that’s popular, but…hey, it’s just a comic strip. The story progresses at an almost uncomfortably slow pace and springs from the misery and misfortune of the main character, who muses in the first scene: “I like getting presents and sending Christmas cards and decorating trees and all that, but I'm still not happy. I always end up feeling depressed.”

Not exactly the feel-good cartoon of the season.

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Starbucks announces acquisition of Evolution Fresh

Today is an exciting day as we announce the acquisition of Evolution Fresh, Inc. Similar to what Starbucks pioneered 40 years ago for coffee customers, this announcement marks our commitment to evolve and enhance the Customer Experience with innovative and wholesome products in the fast-growing Health and Wellness sector.

Evolution Fresh is one of the only true juiceries left in the industry that still cracks, peels, presses, and squeezes its own raw fruits and vegetables. Then, using an innovative technology new to juice called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), Evolution Fresh is able to deliver one of the only “never heated” juice products for an increasingly larger number of its offerings, ensuring fresh tasting, nutritious juices.

We know you trust the Starbucks brand to deliver on superior best-in-category quality and taste. Our intent is to build a national Health and Wellness brand leveraging our scale, resources and premium product expertise. This is an important step forward in this pursuit.

We’d love to hear from you – share your thoughts and be a part of the Health & Wellness conversation.

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When the Folkie Meets the Rocker

Starbucks compilation When Folk Meets Rock

You may remember a long-running series of commercials. In each, one person is distractedly enjoying a particular sweet while a second equally preoccupied person is strolling along consuming a popular legume paste. Approaching from opposite directions they bump into one another, accidently entwining their treats in the process. Viola! A discovery is made! The two flavors are quite tasty when blended together!

That’s sorta, kinda the story behind our new compilation When Folk Meets Rock. It’s the 1960s and you have this rockin’ lot that’s plugging in and making a beautiful noise, and there are these folkies with their acoustic guitars writing heavy, introspective songs. The former want to be taken more seriously and the latter want to let loose and dance for a change. They put their heads together and folk rock is born.

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