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Aloha from Kona

I have a great job. I was in Kona, Hawaii, recently, where I got to see the passion and pride that farmers bring to the coffee they grow there. They are resourceful, creative, adventurous, and completely committed to their farms, their mills and their craft.

All these qualities culminate in a spectacular cup that is revered and sought after across the globe. And we have the opportunity to deliver this extraordinary cup to you through our Starbucks Reserve® 100% Kona Coffee.

Why is the coffee so terrific? The Hawaii Department of Agriculture has rigid grading categories for what can be deemed “Kona coffee” and what cannot. This painstaking grading system results in Kona having among the highest quality standards in the world, from cultivation to exportation.

It goes without saying that you’ll enjoy this meticulously refined cup of Kona coffee. Please know that the simple pleasure you will experience began with some of the most committed coffee farmers in the world. It really is a result of their unwavering commitment to doing all the right things.


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