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A Wonderful "Starter" Coffee

Occasionally I run into someone who has never tried our coffee. And sometimes I chat with someone who has tried our coffee but hasn’t become a fan. They find our coffees too intense, too roasty, or too…something.

In these situations, I usually try to understand how the person is brewing coffee and what they are tasting that they don’t like. Maybe the grind is off, or maybe they are not using the proper proportion of coffee to water. After doing this troubleshooting, I usually make a coffee recommendation for them to try: Brazil Ipanema Bourbon.

To me, Brazil Ipanema Bourbon is a wonderful “starter” coffee because it’s a great example of the Starbucks flavor and roast. But it has a soft side too – it’s on the lighter end of the roast spectrum (for us), its acidity is refreshing and clean without being too assertive, and it has some subtle flavors that give you a sneak preview of other, more complex coffees in our lineup.

One particularly opinionated friend told me years ago that most Starbucks coffees were just too much for him. So I picked up a pound of Brazil Ipanema Bourbon and gave it to him. He became an instant fan and remains one to this day. When it’s available in our stores (as it is now, for a short time), he’s a happy man.

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