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A Night for Our Favorite Artists, Old and New

Those who watched Sunday night’s GRAMMY Awards® ceremony witnessed a compelling commingling of three acts whose recent work has found its way into Starbucks stores.

The elder statesman of the trio, Bob Dylan, has, of course, been featured repeatedly. His sterling 21st century albums have been coffeehouse favorites, and we created a 2008 Artists Choice compilation with the great man – likely the most eclectic and eccentric collection in the long-lived series. He was immediately preceded by the Avett Brothers, whose I and Love and You we presented in 2009.

Sigh No More, the brisk and invigorating album by the London folk-rockers Mumford & Sons, is available at Starbucks now. The group kicked off the award show triptych with a soaring version of “The Cave,” the third single from an album that arrived stateside a year ago and continues to build momentum. You may not have heard much about Mumford & Sons to this point, but expect to encounter more of the quartet in coming months.

The entire set, incidentally, was great fun, and brought a welcome sense of genuine musical camaraderie to the awards extravaganza. One could imagine Dylan flashing back to his early days, when the Ireland’s Clancy Brothers introduced American audiences to the kind of spirited pub-folk Mumford & Sons is reviving. And the set ended with everyone gathering behind Dylan for a zealous hootenanny take on his insubordinate “Maggie’s Farm,” a timely selection given the state of world affairs today.

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