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A Milestone of a Million

On the Starbucks Card innovations team where I work, we recently hit a major milestone – we’ve had more than 1 million mobile transactions since the national launch of Starbucks Card mobile payment on January 19.

This is exciting news for us! We created mobile payment apps because we heard from a lot of you that you don’t always have your wallet handy when you want to get a latte – but you always have your phone! I’m the same way. When I walk my dog in the evening after the gym, I don’t carry my wallet but my phone is always by my side.

Starbucks Card Mobile also lets you view your balance, check your Stars in our My Starbucks Rewards program, reload your card and find the nearest store. With mobile payment accepted at more than 6,800 company-operated Starbucks stores and over 1,000 Target locations, there are plenty of places to experience the fastest way to pay at Starbucks!

And more milestones are coming. For you Android users out there, we are busy working on an Android release for you. BlackBerry users can look forward to Torch support in the next few weeks.

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    • jmccoy1119
    • 2/22/2011 7:43 AM

    I have the Mobile Car app on my ipod touch and use the Starbucks' wifi for access to my account. It works like a champ. I also have the app on my Blackberry and discovered that you must decide which device you're going to use and stick with it. Otherwise, the last device you used has control of your Starbucks cards and you have to go through the app's setup to use it on that device at that time.

    • jimmyg77
    • 3/2/2011 5:46 AM

    How about developing the app for the Android platform? The Android platform now outsells the Iphone as the number os and phone out there. Starbucks card users like me don't have the benefits you are talking about above.

      • weg994u
      • 3/29/2011 11:07 AM

      In reply to: jimmyg77

      search the android store for "My Coffee Card" by birbeck.. It has all the same features as the official card. The free version lets you track and pay with one card. the PRO version $1.99 allows multiple cards.

    • scgpdx
    • 3/5/2011 1:39 PM

    The app is great, but please add a feature where I can click a checkbox and add a 10-15% tip to my bill for the baristas. I worked for Starbucks ages ago (before the company was public - it's been awhile), and I remember how much the tips contributed to being able to pay my bills. I see a LOT of people paying with the app, but not tipping. :( It's hard to remember to grab a dollar or so when the app is oh-so-convenient. It'd be easy, optional, and a nice touch.

    • Denmead65
    • 11/30/2011 10:25 AM

    And after almost a year we are still waiting for the official Starbucks app !

    • Boofy74
    • 12/24/2012 7:12 AM

    please add tipping to the app!

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