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A first-generation coffee roaster

Hola, my name is Peter Torrebiarte and I am the director for our Farmer Support Centers in Latin America and Africa. Our Costa Rica office opened five years and our Rwanda office began operating a few months ago.

This project that has been very close to my heart for two reasons. First, I have been with Starbucks in the coffee department for eleven years. And I come from a coffee-producing country, Guatemala, where my family has been growing coffee for three generations. Now I guess I am the first generation to be a coffee roaster in my family.

It has been very rewarding to work side by side with the most responsible coffee farmers around the world over this time. As a result we have had the ability to develop pragmatic and cost-effective best practices for growing, processing and handling coffee throughout the world. Together with farmers and other stakeholders like activists, NGO’s and governments, we work on increasing quality through steps that are green, responsible, transparent…in other words that make common sense.

I remember growing up around coffee and hearing the conversations amongst my father and his brothers about challenges of how to improve quality and productivity—while still being able to be profitable. That memory is a motivation for me, as I work with other Starbucks partners and the global family of coffee lovers to find the answers to these challenges.

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