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“Trenta” Means More Refreshment


As you may have heard, we’ve launched a new, 31 oz cold cup size called "Trenta," which will be available in all of our U.S. stores by May 3. We're excited to offer this larger size to our iced coffee and Tazo® iced tea fans out there. (And if you are a fan, don’t worry – unsweetened drinks in this new size will still have about 90 calories, while sweetened versions will have about 230 calories.)

So, why did we launch the Trenta? We listened to you. You told us on My Starbucks Idea and through your purchases that you love refreshing iced coffee and tea beverages but want them in a larger size. Did you know that over 60% of our iced tea customers currently order our largest size, the 24 oz Venti?

Now you iced coffee and tea fans can enjoy more refreshment – a Trenta offers seven more ounces than a Venti at a cost of only 50 cents more!

Starting this month, Trenta cups will be available for our friends lucky enough to see the sun more often these days – those of you located in the sun belt. The rest of our stores will receive Trenta cups later on as summer rolls in.

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