Goals & Progress: Forest Carbon Programs

Carbon Markets

Goal: Improve farmers’ access to carbon markets, helping them generate additional income while protecting the environment


We continued to learn from our pilot in Indonesia and have seen significant improvements with the program’s implementation in Mexico.

Carbon Markets

We are concerned about the potential impacts of climate change, especially in the sensitive bioregions where coffee is grown. To help mitigate these impacts, we work with Conservation International and farmers to improve coffee production, conserve and restore natural habitat and explore opportunities to facilitate farmer access to forest carbon markets in coffee-producing communities in Chiapas, Mexico, and Sumatra, Indonesia.

Each project illustrates different approaches to addressing climate challenges and explores the potential of the carbon market to benefit both livelihoods and conservation efforts. We are optimistic that the results of this phase of our pilot will promote a program we can expand to other coffee-growing communities.

We renewed our relationship with CI in 2011, and plan to broaden our reach to Brazil in 2012.

Ethical Sourcing

Conserving Mexico's Forests

Team Chiapas

Starbucks and Conservation International are working together to improve the livelihoods of farmers while conserving one of Mexico's prime forests. Learn more