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Diversity and Inclusion

What We’re Doing Now

At Starbucks, we strive to create a culture that values and respect diversity and inclusion. We expect to be a leader in diversity and inclusion, from our partners in the field to our senior leadership teams.

To help make our goals become reality, we have integrated diversity and inclusion into the core of our leadership competencies. We expect that all leaders within Starbucks practice behaviors that demonstrate inclusion. We will reach out to leverage diverse points of view, talents and capabilities. We will work and think across teams, functions and businesses; across markets, channels and organizations; across cultures and communities; across physical and digital spaces.

The goals of the Diversity and Inclusion team include building a diverse workforce, increasing cultural competencies, shaping a culture of inclusion and developing a diverse network of suppliers.

To advance our diversity and inclusion goals we are leveraging Starbucks Partner Network Groups.

These groups provide us insight on product innovation, business solutions, partner development and the recruitment and retention of partners. We empower seven Partner Networks, field Diversity & Inclusion councils and a Global Council operating in North America.

Our current Partner Networks include:

Our current Diversity & Inclusion Councils include:

  • Law and Corporate Affairs Diversity Council
  • Mid-America Diversity Council

What We’ll Do Next

We are planning to build on our work with diversity and inclusion by expanding our efforts to promote a culture of inclusion for our partners, customers and communities that we serve. We will need to ensure that our leaders are prepared to lead a multicultural team of individuals leveraging the diversity of perspectives, thoughts and insights to develop products and services for our customers.

We will continue to recruit and develop our partners to be effective at building a workplace that leverages our assets for high performance.  And we will redefine the way we engage with diverse community organizations and institutions to build strategic relationships. We invite community organizations to propose ways to engage with us. This new engagement model allows us to find ways to collaborate and build value for our global communities, community based organizations and Starbucks.

We seek strategic relationships with organizations and institutions that reflect Starbucks Diversity and Inclusion values. Our relationship criteria include opportunities to:

  • develop current partners
  • recruit potential talent
  • engage with communities, grow our pipeline of diverse suppliers and expand our brand

Just a few of our Diversity & Inclusion relationships are with:

Supplier Diversity Program

By actively seeking diverse-owned businesses to purchase from, we help build prosperous communities. We believe our Supplier Diversity Program has been a great success, and we’re happy to report that the amount of business we conduct with diverse suppliers grows every year. Learn more about our Supplier Diversity Program.

A Special Message from Howard Schultz

A Message from Howard Schultz

A Message from Howard Schultz
chairman, president and chief executive officer

Supplier Diversity Program

Supplier Diversity is not only a smart business decision, we believe it builds prosperous communities as well. Learn more